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Still Busy -- Want an Insider Peek?

So I have been absolutely swamped.  I haven't been able to finish all my interviews yet or post all the ones that I have completed.  I haven't gotten to write very much.  Everything has been shoved to a back burner.

     Would you like to know why?

     First of all...

    ...a wedding...

This, to be honest, was the biggest pull on my time and attention, other than midwifery work.

Other than this wedding and all the little side pursuits involved with making it as beautiful as possible, there have also been some other pulls on my time.
There were baby showers for friends.
There was some hiking trips that I had to prep for...and then they ended up being cancelled.  Aka, all the pre-work without the fun event!
There were some family events to attend.
There were dental visits.  Might not seem like a big deal, but this was literally my first dental appointment ever. felt like a big deal.
Trying to keep with housework and cooking and such.  I've been married a …
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An Arranged Marriage - 20

Ilona wrapped her arms around her pillow and sank deep into sleep.Dreams swirled around her, building in clarity until she saw herself as a little girl in the castle garden.The swing was in front of her, and its stone arbor was covered in twirling vines with tiny pink blossoms.She climbed up onto the swing and pressed her nose into the spring flowers.She was happy.
A black-haired boy climbed up next to her. “I’m going away, Ilona.”His voice was immeasurably sad.He clenched his little jaw determinedly.“But I’ll come back.I promise.”
Ilona sat down on the swing, surveying her playmate in dismay.Going away?Why would he go away?
He sucked in a deep breath, puffing out his chest.“Ilona,” he said.“You’re my best friend.When I grow up, I’m not going marry anybody but you.I’ll take care of you forever and ever.”
“Okay,” Ilona heard herself lisp.
Ilona’s eyes flew open and she stared into the thatched roof.Where had that dream come from?She rolled over and tossed and turned, but she couldn’t get ba…

An Arranged Marriage - 19

The forest was damp and cool.Detlef guided his horse through the maze of trees.It was not his first time here, but the last time had been, oh, so long ago.
The sun was high but a chill still hung in the air.It had been over an hour since Detlef heard any of the other men.
The land dipped down, and Detlef rode into a gorge.He looked around, half-hoping to see his horse tree – the one that he…
And there it was.
A smile pulled at the corners of his mouth as he surveyed the bent tree.He could almost see himself as a little boy, straddling the sway of the trunk like a saddle.“Look, Timothy,” he murmured.“This was my first horse.” He pressed his leg against Timothy’s side until his horse stood next to the bent tree.Detlef leaned over and patted the tree.“I named it Hartlin.”He looked up and down the trunk fondly.“And it was here that THEY found me.”
He remembered it like it was yesterday.One day, for some reason, Ilona could not come down to play so little Detlef ran away to the forest.He explor…

An Arranged Marriage - 18

Ilona sat on the edge of a forest bed and fingered its red quilt.Her hut was cozy with its thatched roof and sweet-smelling herbs – she had slept much better than she expected.
The door swung open and a tall girl slipped in, carrying a basin of water.Her long dark hair hung over her shoulder, and she wore a garland of flowers on her head.“You can wash your face if you like,” she said, setting the basin on the wooden table by Ilona’s bed.
Ilona stood and plunged her hands into the water, scooping it up and splashing her face.The garland girl handed her a cloth, and Ilona dried her face.“You’re name is Dagmar, is it not?”So many people had been introduced to her yesterday.She hoped she had the name right.
The girl nodded her head.“I’m your cousin – the daughter of Amalia’s older brother.”She reached out and touched Ilona’s hair.“It’s so yellow.Not like Amalia’s.”
Self-consciously, Ilona touched her own hair.“It’s like my papa’s.”
Dagmar ran her fingers through Ilona’s hair, catching her hand…

An Arranged Marriage - 17

There was a feeling of tension and destiny as the first fingers of light whispered on the horizon.Horses whinnied, traces clinked, and men talked in low tones.Detlef shivered in the cool morning air as he cinched his saddle in place.Summer was fading away and autumn was quick on its heels. “You can ride mine.” Matthias stepped up beside him.“He’s faster than your gray.” Detlef chuckled softly.“Thanks.But Timothy and I know each other.It’s better for me to ride him today.” Matthias scuffed the ground with his shoe.“I never thought I would say this to my baby brother…”He lifted his head, his eyes seeking out Detlef’s in the half light.“…but I’m proud of you.The way you are standing up for what you believe, keeping your promises, and pursuing your goals…you might turn out to be a man after all.” Horses milled about and Detlef scanned the horizon, embarrassed by his brother’s praise.The king was mounted; they would be leaving soon.“You better mount that fast horse of yours,” Detlef mumbled. “I…

Esther Ramblings


     It gets busy, doesn't it?

     The amount of things I've taken onto my plate plus the amount of things that I WANT to take onto my plate is overwhelming and daunting to say the least.  I've been forced to drop a couple things to the side. One of them is the writing Facebook groups. Another is the editing and expanding of Blood of Beauty.

     I can't say that I've abandoned the story entirely. I say down one night and ended up staring at the page for several minutes before closing it. It's not ready -- it needs to simmer. And I've been thinking on it in the back of my mind.

     No one has ever asked me to make a story longer. Ever since I was little, the constant question was, "How long is this going to be, Esther? Can you make it a little shorter? Just get to the point?"
      So, now I'm going to make something longer, and I want to do it without skewing the balance of the story.
     I have seven dwarves with personalities…