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Round Two of the Judging Process

Life is still pretty busy, but I wanted to pop in and share my excitement. If everything is on schedule, the top 25 stories in the Rooglewood contest are now on Anne's desk. Part of me envies her job because she gets to read fascinating stories, but another part of me is content to sit back and pray for her as she chooses among the stories. 
I admit -- I'm starting to get excited. I'm still content, but I'm definitely looking forward to March 1st. It's only a month and a half away!

Quick Update

Hi, just popping in for a quick update.  I haven't forgotten you, and I really will return.  But I have started a new job this month, among other new things, and things have been a little crazy.  So hang in there, my friends.  I will resume writing before too long, and hopefully it will be even better because of the break.  :D