Works in the Wings

I have a number of projects that I work on as inspiration/determination hits me.  Here are a few of them:

The Blood of Beauty: Moriah has been the most beautiful woman in the land since she was 16 years old.  But, in that kingdom, beauty carries a dark and dangerous secret.  For years, Moriah bore her fears alone, hating every minute of it.  But when the mirror whispers that another will soon take her place, Moriah finds that, while her sufferings were horrific, the thought of passing them on is even worse.

Broken Clouds: Kelsey Harpman has been shifted around the system of orphanages and foster care for 8 years, but now, like it or not, she has a chance at a real family.  But there are more things at stake than her private happiness.  Strangers appear in her life – some intent on protecting her and others intent on kidnapping her.  And before she knows it, Kelsey is plunged into a dangerous plot that threatens national security.  Can Kelsey uncover the secrets from her past in time to save her future?

The Caver's Kiss: Amos Prince, a recent college graduate, decides to spend his summer exploring remote caves, but when he tackles the caves of Wheston he finds himself caught up in the local legend of Sleeping Beauty.  And the funny thing about legends is that they frequently carry some small element of truth...

The Gardener's Ransom: Prince William of Leramay has everything that can be bought with money, power, and good looks.  But when his father returns from 7 years fighting in a distant country, he immediately strips away everything that William trusted in, challenging him to find a wife who loves him simply for who he is.  Can the key to William's redemption be found in a little garden girl?

Bella and Gerard: a little over 12k words so far and still early in the story.
   Bella's aunts could not understand why their sister had left her only child to the care of the black sheep of the family. When he disappeared within a week of receiving guardianship, they said good-riddance to him and dutifully took over the raising of Bella. They never expected him to show up 7 years later to take her away. Against the advice of the aunts, Bella and Gerard embark on a journey that proves to be quite a learning curve for both of them!

Dungeon: a little over 27k words in the 2nd draft of the story.  I just finished the first draft in January 2014, and I am preparing myself to tackle the editing process.
     How could she have lived her whole life above a dungeon and not known it?  The princess sets out on a quest to discover the dungeon for herself, to see what sort of place it is, and to find out who lives there.  Along the way, she makes some new friends, uncovers a secret plot, and learns some lessons she did not expect. 
      While still in the rough, this story has some potential.  I am looking forward to sending it out to my proofreaders!

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BB: this one doesn't even have its own working title yet, other than BB.  I am 28k words into the story, and it still intrigues me.  Who is this person hiding in an abandoned mansion?

Alexander:This story has three parts. I don't know if they will simply be three parts in a book or if I will break them up into a trilogy.
     The first Part: Alexander was one of greatest generals to serve Henrique, king of Cabria. When Henrique dies, Alexander offers his allegiance to Edward, son of Henrique. But Edward is a weak leader, both jealous and afraid of the great general, and he spurns Alexander's offer. Almost immediately, a rumor is spread of Alexander's "treason," and Alexander must disappear...
     This story is one whose plot I have known for many years, but, since my writing skills improve faster than I can write the tale, I keep scrapping previous attempts and starting the story afresh.

Reagan's Island:  I only have about 3k words in this one so far.  It has been waiting patiently for my attention while I focus on Dungeon and on Bella and Gerard.
     A boy is shipwrecked on an island. He is discovered by a band of men guarding the island. Who are they? What are they hiding? And who is this boy?

The Ultimate Stand: This story follows a young woman from her ordinary life as a veterinary assistant through a mob rebellion and into a shadow of a life in a compound under the control of a crazed tyrant.

The Journey: "We have to get away." That is the driving force on this teenage girl's mind. Trapped with her younger sister by a couple who claim to be their parents, she had never dreamed of escape...not until a neighbor boy secretly befriended her, taught her to drive, and gave her the courage to run. Now, with the whole world seemingly against them, the only thing she can do is keep driving.

Ariana's Island: Strangers have landed on Ariana’s island. After more than 9 months as the lone survivor on a deserted island, the thought of human companionship is both frightening and attractive. But who are these people and why have they come to this island? Ariana needs to know who she can trust…

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