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An Arranged Marriage - 17

There was a feeling of tension and destiny as the first fingers of light whispered on the horizon.Horses whinnied, traces clinked, and men talked in low tones.Detlef shivered in the cool morning air as he cinched his saddle in place.Summer was fading away and autumn was quick on its heels. “You can ride mine.” Matthias stepped up beside him.“He’s faster than your gray.” Detlef chuckled softly.“Thanks.But Timothy and I know each other.It’s better for me to ride him today.” Matthias scuffed the ground with his shoe.“I never thought I would say this to my baby brother…”He lifted his head, his eyes seeking out Detlef’s in the half light.“…but I’m proud of you.The way you are standing up for what you believe, keeping your promises, and pursuing your goals…you might turn out to be a man after all.” Horses milled about and Detlef scanned the horizon, embarrassed by his brother’s praise.The king was mounted; they would be leaving soon.“You better mount that fast horse of yours,” Detlef mumbled. “I…

Esther Ramblings


     It gets busy, doesn't it?

     The amount of things I've taken onto my plate plus the amount of things that I WANT to take onto my plate is overwhelming and daunting to say the least.  I've been forced to drop a couple things to the side. One of them is the writing Facebook groups. Another is the editing and expanding of Blood of Beauty.

     I can't say that I've abandoned the story entirely. I say down one night and ended up staring at the page for several minutes before closing it. It's not ready -- it needs to simmer. And I've been thinking on it in the back of my mind.

     No one has ever asked me to make a story longer. Ever since I was little, the constant question was, "How long is this going to be, Esther? Can you make it a little shorter? Just get to the point?"
      So, now I'm going to make something longer, and I want to do it without skewing the balance of the story.
     I have seven dwarves with personalities…

Interviews of Snow White Authors: Allissa Turack

Welcome to my blog!  Today I have a very special guest: Allissa Turack.  She was one of the contestants for the last Rooglewood Fairy Tale retelling, and GUYSSSS!  Her story has gypsies!!!!  So, without further ado, help me in welcoming Allissa Turack!
Me: Allisa!!!  Welcome!  We are so excited to have you here today! (I imagine all our readers are clapping and welcoming you now)
Allissa: Hi, Esther!  Thank you so much for this opportunity to be interviewed by you!

What is your story about?

Allissa:  The Lady of Emberwood Forest is a Regency period retelling of Snow White that takes place in Somerset, England.
Here is a Synopsis:
Lady Eleanor has been living in fear for years. Ever since her father died, she has learned more and more of the coldheartedness and vanity of her stepmother, Lady Georgette. Though appearing to be "kind" towards Eleanor when others are around, Eleanor has witnessed first hand Lady Georgette's true character, but has been much too frightened to …

An Arranged Marriage - 16

The king made most of the guests leave the room, but Detlef and his older brother stayed as Amalia revealed her Derwald identity.
    “I kept my people a secret from you,” Queen Amalia wept.
    The king faltered for a minute and then knelt down, wrapping his arms around her.  “It never mattered, my love.  It’s you I love, be you peasant or princess.”
    “I know you think the Derwalds are a myth, but we are a real as you are…as you see me…”  She leaned her head against her husband.  “My family has always led the clan – my uncle was their king when I left.”
    Matthias crossed his arms, his eyes narrowing as he listened.What he was thinking, Detlef couldn’t guess.
    “I fell in love with you from the first day,” Amalia confessed.  “My family came to visit me at your castle – secretly (for the Derwalds have learned to travel without detection).  And I convinced them of our love.”  She took a deep breath.  “On the night before our wedding, I slipped away and returned to my forest home.…

Interviews of Snow White Authors: Kellyn Roth

Greetings, everyone!!!!  Today, I get to interview the lovely Kellyn Roth about her story, Adae.  This is my second Snow White interview, and I am having so much fun getting to talk with these authors.
Everybody, please welcome Kellyn Roth! (cue whistles and clapping and cheering)
Me: Hi, Kellyn!Welcome!Can you tell me a little bit about your Snow White story?
Kellyn: My novella is about a young queen, Adae, who doesn't really seem to fit in. She's convinced her younger sister would make a much better ruler than she, but tradition binds her to the throne. Her fairy godmother gifts her a magic looking glass on her coronation day, and the mirror, Carmelli, becomes her only friend. After Carmelli warns her of an assassination attempt, Adae must flee to the forest to hide from her more powerful sister. Me:  How did you come up with the idea for this story?
Kellyn: Well, honestly, it was heavily inspired by the Disney movie Maleficent with a touch of Mirror, Mirror - both fairytale retell…

Interview with Snow White authors: Gwen Moeller

Today, I have the privilege of interviewing Gwen Moeller!She is my first Snow White interview, so I am pretty excited.Without further ado, let's welcome Gwen!(And give me a little grace -- this was my first interview, and I was a little nervous.)

Hi, Gwen!Welcome to my blog!I and my band of dear friends are so glad to see you.We are honored by your presence.
I am most interested in your story for the Rooglewood Snow White contest.What is your story about?

My story, "Poisoned," is a Snow White retelling set in a classic fantasy setting, but with a different take on fantasy races. Nix never knew her mother, and the father she knew was always sad and reclusive, neglecting his duties as king of the Human realm. When Nix was fifteen, her father married a stunning Elf. But he wasn't revitalized by the marriage, instead he wasted away until he took his own life. Now Nix's stepmother is queen regent until Nix comes of age. But as Nix's twenty-first birthday app…

An Arranged Marriage - 15

How far they walked, Ilona did not know.  But suddenly, Knut stopped in front of a weeping willow tree.  Ilona gazed at the tree.  Long, soft branches draped to the earth, creating curtains of pale green.
    Knut swept an armful of branches to one side.  “After you, my lady.”
    Ilona hesitated and then pressed into the willow.  The branches tickled her arms and draped over her head.  She parted them and walked into the shelter of the tree.  There were more branches, and she parted them as she continued.    Everywhere she looked, the green boughs hung around her.  She couldn’t even see Knut anymore.  The farther she went, the more branches there were.
    And then suddenly, the branches thinned again.  She parted the last ones and stepped into a clearing.  It was sheltered on all sides; the forest itself had created a courtyard – a hidden refuge for these people.
    Men, women, and children of all ages were scattered through the clearing.  Some were cooking.  Some were weaving.  So…

Some Fun Plans: Interviews to Come!

I am so excited!  I have such neat things in store for you guys!  We're going to do interviews!!!

     I've talked to some of the contestants for the Rooglewood contest this year.  In case you haven't noticed, there were SO MANY AWESOME STORIES!!!!  The diversity and quality this year were phenomenal.  So I thought that we would like to hear from some of these amazing authors.  Yes?  I thought so.  :D

     I'm interviewing people now.  Our first interview will be with Gwen Moeller, and I'll be posting her answers next Wednesday so be sure to stop by!  Feel free to comment or ask questions.  Also, if you wrote a story for the Rooglewood Snow White contest, let me know because I would love to interview you, too!

     By the same token, I would be happy to come to your blog and answer some questions if you want to interview me as well.  Sometimes it is helpful to have someone else's words to cover a post for you -- so you don't have to do it all yourself.…

An Arranged Marriage - 14

Ilona slowly blinked her eyes open.  A canopy of trees towered over her.  Birds were singing, water trickled in a brook nearby, and the air smelled damp and earthy.  She was lying on the ground; she could feel the cool moss under her arms.  Ilona reached up and rubbed her eyes.  What happened?  Her last memory was of sending Cordula to fetch her peridot jewels.
    Ilona rolled to one side and pushed herself to one elbow.  Suddenly she caught sight of a man with tea-stained skin.  He was dressed in greens, and his brown hair hung shaggily to his shoulders.  He squatted easily by a tree stump, watching her.
    Ilona screamed and scrambled to her feet.  “Who are you?”
    A grin spread across his face.  “What do you know?  It works!”  He turned a tiny silver tin in his hands, admiring it.  “You can call me Knut.  And this…” he held up the silver tin “…is the oil that awakened you.”  He opened its lid.  “I spread the tiniest bit over your lips and –may the cock crow – here you are stan…