Saturday, January 31, 2015

Wuthering Heights Meets Faith Like Potatoes

     Last night, I watched a BBC movie based on Wuthering Heights...well, most of it.  I fast-forwarded a few scenes.
     I started the movie with absolutely no idea of the plot.  I only knew that it was a famous "classic" by a famous author -- perhaps like Jane Eyre or a book by Austin or Dickens.

     *****If you don't want spoilers, don't read on.*****

     I wish people had been nice to Heathcliff.  How different might he have turned out if people poured good things into him instead of telling him how he was destined for badness?  He had so much potential at the beginning and it shrivelled smaller and smaller as the story went on.
     But you know, Heathcliff did have at least two people who loved him and stood up for him.  Maybe even three or four.  He didn't have to turn dark and vengeful.
     I wish Heathcliff and Cathy had married.  If they were so meant for each other, they should have married.
     But you know, their love was intertwining and passionate and unwavering...but it wasn't the self-sacrificing kind of love.  It was more about "I need you" than "how can I make your life as wonderful as possible while expecting nothing in return."  While I think that they were very well suited to each other, their marriage still would have been rocky.
     I wish Cathy, once she made her decision of marriage, had given herself wholeheartedly to her husband.  He was a good man and deserved a loyal and loving wife.
     I wish the church had been more Christ-like.  And where does the Bible say that a child born out of wed-lock (which that man of the cloth had no evidence of, by the way) is in more danger of hell?  It does not.  All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.  Period.  We all need forgiveness and redemption equally.

     What if, at any point, an honest, Christlike Christian had reached Heathcliff?  Somebody who loved him unconditionally as Christ loved us.  Somebody who spoke good things into his life.  Somebody who introduced him to Who God is.
     Heathcliff would never have turned out as a proper, sophisticated British gentleman.  He was too wild for that.  But the Bible does not insist we all turn out mild-mannered as Cathy's husband.  God made us different, and, as much as I liked Cathy's husband, that is not who Heathcliff was meant to be.
     I think of the story "Faith Like Potatoes" and how the pastor told Angus that God loved wild men.  Think of the men of the Bible.  Would Sampson have fit into proper British society?  Or David?  Or Jesus, for that matter?
     No, Heathcliff would have turned into the passionate evangelist or prophet or teacher or apostle, scorned by the religious leaders and the high-class society members.  Eh, but what's new.  They already hated him.  What had he to lose?  If God loved him, what would he care?
     And he would have learned to love...really love...with no hatred in it.
     Now THAT would have been an awesome story.


Friday, January 30, 2015

Time and Anticipation are Funny Things

Earlier this week, I was perfectly content with the idea that the winners' announcement (for the Rooglewood contest) was 4 1/2 weeks away.

Now, it is almost unbearable that it is a day and a half away.  Why must it be the day AFTER tomorrow?  Why not tomorrow morning?

Isn't that funny?  The time to wait has been shortened drastically and I only wish it were even shorter?

Sigh.  There are things about humans that defy logic.  And sometimes even logical humans experience them.

On a different note, do you know what makes me even more excited about this contest?  The fact that I know several friends who entered!  It makes the anticipation even better for I am not only looking to see if my name is on the list but also to see if one of theirs is.  I feel like, if any of us makes it into the collection, I will be thrilled.  And if any of us don't, we can share our hopes for next time.  See?  It just makes it better.  :)

Okay, I am off to do something productive to pass the time until Sunday...

Thursday, January 29, 2015

I Unexpectedly Launch into Outer Space

No.  I am not writing a new sci-fi novel.

Rather, I just found out some news that caught me completely by surprise and sent my excitement level through the roof.

Rooglewood Press (host to the contest I entered) moved the winners' announcement date from March 1st to February 1st.  In other words, I will get to hear about the winners in 3 days!!!!!!

Woahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  (the sound of my excitement throwing me ridiculously high...was that the moon I just passed???)

I can hardly wait to see if I or anyone I know made it into Rooglewood's next anthology.  Join me early next week to find out!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

An Update

Hello, friends!

     I thought I would pop in to give you a quick update.  I hope you don't mind.

     First of all, Broken Clouds is back in full swing.  This story is a bit of a learning curve for me, full of new things that I haven't tried before.  And I've added yet another new thing: I am now writing it with two POV characters.  So far, so good.  I am now on Chapter 19, more or less, but some of my chapters are really short and may need to be fleshed out later.  Also, I sent the first 5 chapters to a reader to get her initial reactions and received positive feedback.  So I am happy with the way things are coming -- at least for a first draft.

     In reading lately, I devoured Jill Williamson's Safe Lands trilogy.  It had pros and cons to it, but I did learn some useful things for writing.  And her multiple POVs gave me the courage to write with two POVs in Broken Clouds.

     It is only 5 weeks and a day until the Rooglewood Contest winners are announced.  It's hard to not think of things you wish you had done better before submitting your story.  I have purposefully not read my story since I submitted it because I didn't want to fret over new "errors" I found nor did I want to continue editing until my copy looked vastly different from the copy that the judges were reading.  But the story still lives in my head, and I occasionally think of something I could have done differently.

     I read several posts on today. She's taking a break from posting now, but she had several posts in her archives that I found quite helpful.  Her instructionals usually leave me teeming with excitement and inspiration.  I also caught up on posts by K.M. Weiland at which were equally fascinating.

     That's pretty much it, as far as writing goes, except that I am living a full life.  One day, parts of it will end up in book form.  :)  How are you doing in your reading and writing?

Monday, January 19, 2015

Real Life Takes Over

     I've had a slight shift in my writing this month.  Experiences -- real life experiences -- are coming thick and fast.  I am journaling like crazy, trying to explore and record this strange new world I find myself falling into.  But fiction writing has been put on hold.

     It's a worthy reason, and one that I am proud of.  I do hold real life in higher esteem than my imaginary ones, plus I have dim hopes of being able to use these experiences in future fiction.  And if I may hand out advice to writers, I would encourage them to live as well as write.

    I hope your own writing projects and life are flourishing.


Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Hey, guys.  Not to worry.  I will be back on here very soon, probably within the next week.  Thanks for being around!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Their Philosphy Statements

In the course of the book, there are seven main girls (all between the ages of 12 and 18) whom Kelsey interacts with.  For fun, I sat down and wrote philosphy statements for each of them.  :)

     Pretty girls get what they want.
     If I don't have a devoted following, there is something wrong with me.
     Second place in popularity is not good enough.
     Nobody gets in my way.

     Sports are my life.
     Practice and committment equal winning.
     Nothing matters but the team and the game.
     Everything I do ties back to the game.  Everything affects my performance -- for good or bad.
     True friends will push each other to higher athletic achievements.

     Someday I will be as cool as everybody else.
     Never offend a powerful person.
     It is important to make a good impression. 
     The appearance of compliance is more valuable than actually complying.
     Darla is the coolest person in the history of the United States, now and forever.

     There's a hole in your argument somewhere, and I will find it.
     Showing emotions is a sign of weakness that is below me.
     There is more to any situation than meets the eye.
      People, in general, are stupid.
      I will take a risk if I truly care, but I will feel better if I can come up with a logical reason for taking that risk.
      Some battles aren't worth fighting. 

     Every day is a good day.
     I like being around people.  People are fun.
     Every person I have ever met is my friend.  You, and you, and you, and you, and you...
     Everybody has potential.
     There is no rush to grow up.  You can be happy where you are.  I don't want to grow up too fast.
     I'm happy to be here. 
     I hope you have a good day, too.

     I am not good for anything except taking care of babies.
     I have no personality.  I am not pretty.  I am invisible.
     People are cruel and calloused and uncaring.
     My work gives me value.
     Babies are important.  Somebody has to look out for them.  They would be lost without me.
     The world would be a better place if we didn't fight, didn't steal, didn't kill.  The world would be a better place if we cared for each other.  But...that's never going to happen...

     Sometimes I feel like, if I sit still, I might explode.
     Things might turn out better someday.
     I could do good, if somebody would show me how.
     Dares are fun.  I'm game if you're game.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Hooks and Spoilers

Okay, so I have a question about hooks and loglines and other such things.  How do you grab somebody's attention without spoiling the story?

Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Years Day

     I'm not much on New Year's Resolutions.  I don't know many people who stick with their resolutions so it seems kind of pointless to me.
     But sometimes they are fun to look back on -- kind of a "where I was and what was important to me back then" kind of thing.
     So here are a few writing-related things that I would like to do this year:

1).  Work with editors at Rooglewood and publish The Gardener's Ransom in their Five Enchanted Roses book.  (This is dependent on me winning their contest, the results of which I will find out in March).

2).  Finish Broken Clouds.  That means first draft and editing and final draft and everything.

3). Write ToP.  Or at least get over halfway through with the first draft.

4).  Maybe rewrite Dungeon...?

5).  Get more followers on my blog.  I currently have 11 followers.