Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Rest. It's something that Garrett and I have been longing for. Life got pretty crazy in March, but we told ourselves that if we could just hang on until summer things would smooth out. That's just a few months, right? We can handle that, right?
But it didn't get easier in June. In fact, it got even harder. But don't worry, it will be better in November. In November, things will get simpler. And so, even though I'm maxed out and feeling like I'm about to lose my mind, I can hang on to this hope of November. It's going to be okay.
Well, November hit. And in case you couldn't foresee this coming, let me tell you that the last 8 days have been even more intense. And you know what Garrett and I said? "Don't worry. Next week is our honeymoon. We can rest then."
There were two problems with this. One is that, while I might be slow sometimes, I'm not complete idiot and I was beginning to recognize a pattern here. And the second was that things were getting too overwhelming to handle, even for just one more week.
But what did the pastor at our church decide to preach on, during the week of my wedding?
Because we find our rest in God and in what Jesus had done for us.
We find rest in praising Him and appreciating how awesome He is.
We find rest by doing just what God did at the end of creation -- seeing the good in what He has done.
And the fun thing is that everything else in your life starts to fall into place. Timing works out. You know how to do things. People show up to help.
The pastor talked about taking naps in awkward places. Even though you may sleep, you don't get good rest. He tried to nap in his car on the side of the road, but he kept startling awake with dreams about almost running his car into somebody.
You see, you may be able to mimic rest by looking in other places, but the only place you're going to "sleep really good" (find perfect rest) is in Him.
And that was the perfect sermon for this week. I'm selling back into a peaceful (albeit busy) routine, and everything is coming together! I'm getting excited about the wedding. Pictures to come afterward!!!


  1. Wonderful post, Esther! I really enjoyed it - and I can't wait for the pictures :D.

    ~ Savannah

  2. Amen! I enjoyed this post - such good thoughts. :)

    I hope everything goes well for you, and you're able to rest in Him throughout. :) Looking forward to seeing the photos too!