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Infinity Dreams Award

1. Thank and follow the blog that nominated you.
2. Tell us eleven facts about yourself.
3. Answer the questions that were set for you to answer.
4. Nominate 11 bloggers and set questions for them.

STEP ONE:  Dear Tracey Dyck at, thank you for nominating me.

     I am the tallest girl in my family.
     My hair is probably the same color as Tracey's.
     I love red hair.  Long, rich, wavy, red hair.  Yes.
     Death doesn't scare me.
     Thunderstorms make me feel safe.  And happy.
     I've seen about 170 human babies be born, and I haven't even counted the little animal babies that I've seen.
     I think math is fun.
     I think school in general is fun.
     Im a vairy gud speler.
     I am an aunt.
     Windy days are good days.


1. Describe the most recent dream you can remember having.
      Okayyyy.  You asked for it....
      So I went to a church meeting in the evening and afterward, on my way to my car, I stumbled on a group plotting a rebellion against the government.  They suspected me of spying on them even though I was innocent.  They tried to detain me.  I slipped away from them and hastened to my car, only to find my sister nearly unconscious -- apparently she had been drugged.  A friend of mine appeared and helped me get her to my car.  He told me that the government surveillance had seen me going to the rebellion meeting, and they were now targeting me as one of the rebels.  So I was "wanted" by both sides.  Then he left and I started driving.
     I had seen enough movies to know that I couldn't go home.  It was the weirdest, most awful feeling ever.  This was not something I was prepared for.  And, even though in the movies, you shouldn't go anywhere you have ever been before, I felt the need for something familiar, something to drive toward.  I couldn't bring myself to just drive, afraid that I would subconsciously drive in circles.  I needed somewhere to go.
     I thought of a large, remote farm where I had once been (in a dream) to ride horses.  No one would find me there.  I could drive to it, spend the night in peace, restock anything I needed, and then move on the next day.
      The problem is that I hadn't been the one driving when I went to the farm before.  So I didn't know exactly where it was.  I started driving in the general direction, hoping I would intersect some road that sparked my memory.
      I drove through the night, and my sister slowly recovered as the drug cleared out of her system.  We found several bottles of water and gatorade and some snacks in my trunk, which took a load off my mind.  We could live for a few days on that.
      The sun came up and we were in a remote area.  Lots of fences and fields.  Not many houses.  I found a gas station.
      I hoped that, if my description was being passed around, that it hadn't made it to this remote gas station.  I filled up my tank and then went into the little convenience store.  
     I picked out a few things that I needed.  Then I saw a book, containing maps of the state.
     I needed a map.
     But this paperback book, while the maps themselves were in readable condition, had a very worn cover.  There were holes worn through the spine.  The edges were crumpled and stained.  And the price was $21.66.  Ridiculous.
     I talked to the cashier, a young dark-skinned man with a friendly, eager countenance.  But he couldn't change the price.  I talked to an older man who ran the store, but he said he couldn't change the price either.  No amount of haggling on my part would move him.
      There were other customers in the store by then, and they were watching me.  About the time that I realized I was drawing unnecessary attention to myself, one of the customer's spoke up.
     "I can settle this," he said.  He pulled his wallet out and bought the map for me.
      It froze me.  Why did he help me?  What did I owe him for this?  Another glance around the room showed some suspicious faces, and I could predict them running to their phones to report that they had seen the escaping enemy of the state.
     But I needed the map.  And I couldn't afford it at $21.66.
     I thanked the customer and took the map.  Then I headed for the door.  A plump middle-aged woman grabbed my arm as I went by her and pulled me down to her height.  "We know who you are," she whispered.  "And we're on your side, dear."
      I wasn't sure if she was dillusional or sane.  So I smiled gently at her.
      Then I left.
      I made it to the car and started driving.  The store experience had been scary.
     But my head felt clearer and calmer than it had before.  I decided it would not be wise to go to the farm after all.  I had a map.  I could pick a direction and find a place to hide.
      I gripped the steering wheel, and turned down the next road.  My sister turned the radio to a pleasant station.  We'd survive for as long as we could.
     And then I woke up.

2. "To infinity and beyond!" Who's your favorite Toy Story character?  Slinky or Buzz

3. If Iron Man and Captain America were pitted against each other (not that hard to imagine), who would you root for?  I haven't watched the movies.  I want to.  Just...haven't.  No one else in my family likes Marvel, so...
      However, (please don't be mad at me), I heard that Iron Man is egotistical and self-centered and that Captain America is self-sacrificing.  I don't know if that is true.  But I would theoretically root for the self-sacrificing one.

4. What are your top three favorite things about autumn?  Weather (cool, breezy, brisk), Smell (sweet, musty harvest scents and rotting leaves), and the joyful preparations for coming winter out of the bounty of fall.

5. When's your prime time: morning, midday, or late at night?  Depends on when I last slept.

6. You've been handed the leash of an emperor's pet tiger--quick, what do you do with it?
      Hold it.  Securely but softly so the tiger doesn't sense tension through the line.

7. Do you have any pre-writing 'rituals' or habits? (If you're not a writer, feel free to describe any other preparatory habits of yours, whether it's your morning routine, or what you do to get ready for studying, or anything else.)  Staring into space.  Biting a thumb or a finger.

8. Favorite song artist?  Too hard to pick.  I like Paul Wilber, Robin Mark, Tobymac, For King and Country, High Kings, Celtic Women, The Crossings (Christian Irish), Lamb (Messianic), Glad, Rescue, Gaither Vocal Band, and the list goes on.  Sorry.

9. Name a real-life hero of yours.  Members of my family.  Seriously.  They.  Are.  Awesome.

10. What's your goal(s) in blogging?  To improve my writing through interaction and feedback.  To network with other writers and encourage each other and critique each other.

11. Name a literary/film couple you shipped that ended up sinking.  ???????

I hereby nominate any 11 bloggers who choose to participate.  Here are your eleven questions:
1. What is your favorite winter activity?
2. Do you like healthy food?
3. Do you have any pets?
4. Have you ever milked a goat?
5. What was the last story you worked on (as in stories that you are writing)?
6. Do you keep a journal/diary?
7. Have you ever been to the mountains, the beach, the forest, or the prairie?
8. If you were ordered to deny that Jesus is the Son of God or accept death, which would you choose?
9. What is the most recent Bible verse you have read?
10. Have you ever read the entire book of Proverbs (not necessarily at once)?
11. What is a country that you would like to visit?

P.S. If you participate, I would love it if you leave a link to your answers in the comments below!


  1. That is so funny, I grew up listening to crossing music, and my father lived with the crossing people when he was younger for bit. Also, once I saw them live. I also really like them!

    1. How is this possible!!! I'm so excited!!! You're the first person outside of my family that has any idea who the Crossings are!!! That's so cool!!! We only had two of their cds, and we played them over and over and over.

    2. Which two? I grew up with Dochas (hope), Standing Stones, Look Both Ways Rise and Go, and Dancing at the Crossroads.

      You are also the only other person I have heard of who knows who they are!

    3. Dancing at the Crossroads
      The Court of a King

    4. Well, I might as well jump on this bandwagon. Standing Stones was my going to work music for a while.

      And that dream! I'm amazed that you remembered so much detail.

    5. That sounds awesome, Janie! But how do you keep from dancing on your gas and brake pedals? Lol. I haven't heard the Standing Stones cd, but I don't think of Crossings as "holding still while you listen" music. I would still totally listen to it on the way to work, though. :D

      Yeah, my dreams are widely varied and usually detailed. Some days I remember more than others -- this one was so full of emotion for me that it replayed over and over even after I woke up. And it was the one I had directly before Tracey tagged me.

    6. Nope, The Crossing is not standing still music! I used to turn it on while I cooked and dance while I was cooking. I have not heard The Court of a King, maybe we will get it sometime though!

      Janie, good thing you did not end up in a crash while listening to Standing Stones! I would miss my Aunt (and I do!)

    7. And we also played their Cds over and over again. Now, they (the Cds) are pretty much to an unplayable point, they skip on lots of the songs!

    8. yay!

      P.S. I'm listening to Redhaired Reels right now!

    9. I love that particular song sooo much!

  2. Wow, you seem to have really vivid dreams and you even remember them. Lucky

  3. Yay, you did the tag! And oh my goodness, that dream. o.o That was really detailed--bet you could transform it into a book if you wanted to!

    As for Iron Man and Cap... Yep, pretty much. (And I'd totally root for Captain America as well.)

    For King and Country! :D

    Loved your answer to #9. Family is wonderful.

    Ooh, you came up with some good questions! #8 is rather challenging and deep. I like it. ;) So glad to see you do the tag!!

    1. Thank you, Tracey! This was fun -- and I loved reading yours on your blog.


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