Tuesday, December 1, 2015

NANO Recovery Month

Hello, my friends!

  How many of you did Nano this year?
    How did it go?
      What's next?
        I want to know.
          I've never done Nano
            -- at least not yet --
              but you have my respect & admiration,
                and I want to hear all about it.


  1. I didn't so it either, I was just working on my entry for the Roogle Wood Press contest, and I'm still not done it.

    1. Same here, Skye. I have a little bit of panic rising that I won't get it done in time, but then I tell myself that is not acceptable and to just keep working. Ahhhhh! Here's to hoping the rest of YOUR novella flows smoothly and at the right speed! Have a good day!

    2. Yeah, I'm the same as you and Skye. My novella is ALMOST done, but not quite ... though I THINK it will be done in time. I mean, I could enter it right now, I think it's, um ... understandable enough :D. But I know it could be better, so I'm trying to make it its best before it needs to be sent in :).
      ~Savannah Perran

    3. That's a good way to word it -- understandable but not at its best yet. I learn something new each time I enter a contest, so I want to make this one count for this year's lessons. :)