Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Mental Ward - I've Got You (30)

     "I've got you."  Beth grasped Emery's shoulder and gave it a tug.
     Emery climbed on the neighboring roof.  She glanced back at the makeshift bridge with a shudder.  "How did you walk across that board?  I thought I was going to fall, the whole distance across."
     Beth shrugged and looked around the empty roof.  "Now what?"
     Emery took a deep breath.  "Now we get you home."
     The two girls found the door leading down into the building.  It was open, and Emery silently breathed a prayer of gratitude.  Beth followed her down the steps and they made it to bottom of several flights without detection.  Emery tested the door at the base of the stairs.  It was open.
     "Shhh," Emery whispered as she pulled the door open and stepped out into a carpeted stairway.  "Okay.  The coast is clear."
     But just Beth stepped out behind her, a man appeared at the end of the hallway.

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