Thursday, January 19, 2017

Location Challenge

       One of the background pieces of our stories is the location.  When we build the setting as if we were there, it helps the reader feel like THEY are there.  And it's easier to do that if we use places where we have been (or studied) to build on.

      So here is my challenge to you. 
--Write a description of a place you have been. 
--Keep it small -- I don't want a description of all of Italy, I just want a view from one Italian portico.
--It doesn't have to be somewhere exotic.  We all live in different places, and your normal is fascinating and new for me.  Your grocery store.  Your backyard.  Your living room.  Your classroom at school.  Your seat on the bus.
--It can be somewhere exotic.  The cool thing about writing something that you're seeing for the first time is that you NOTICE EVERYTHING.  So, if you've taken a trip recently to somewhere cool, tell me about it.
--Try to use multiple senses.  How did it look?  What did you smell?  Was there a feel to the place?  Is your chair smooth or course to the touch?  Can you hear anything?  Taste anything?  How does this place make you feel?  Are you excited?  Comforted?  Afraid?  Bored?

      Then, either write it in my comments, OR write it on your blog and put a link in my comments.

      It's good practice for you to write a description of a place you have been, and it is good for the rest of us to see each other's places because it expands our ideas of settings in our stories.

     Ready, set, GO!