Friday, June 23, 2017

First Snippet

I am still playing with my story idea for a good queen.  One of my favorite things is to incorporate pieces from the original Grimm tale -- pieces that were proof of the queen's wickedness -- and show how they were misheard by the minstrels who passed down the tale.

For example, what if the huntsman failed in his job to protect Snow White from the dwarves because of an inopportune boar attack?  And what if my queen is so distraught that she lashes back verbally, as she is prone to do, and her words are overheard and misunderstood?  What kind of story do you think would be circulated among the common people?

      “Please, I did try to protect her!  Here!  I have the lung and the liver of the boar as proof!”  He swung a bag from his shoulder and held it out.  “There was a beast attacking, and I did kill it!”

      “Then make it into a soup, you idiot!” Moriah shouted, angry now.  “What do I care for them?  It’s Snow White’s heart I wanted!”  Moriah dropped her head into her hands.  Snow White was so tender and delicate.  What would the evil dwarves do to her?  “Leave!  Leave now!”

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  1. Interesting, I like your twist. Do you want to do a beta reading swap.