Friday, June 30, 2017

Start and End: 6/30

The Rooglewood contest Facebook page had a fun activity today. Anne Elisabeth Stengl asked us to post our first few sentences from this week of writing and our last few sentences of the same.
Here are mine:

Where I started:
     Moriah sniffed the air. Brews hung heavy on the mist. She was almost there.
     The herbalist's cottage nestled so cozily into the trees that it almost appeared to be one of them. Moriah wrapped her cloak close around her for security, but it was more out of habit than from any feeling of doom. On the contrary, there was something about this old place that made her feel more at home than any castle.

Where I ended:
     Tripping over her own feet, she staggered out of the cottage and fled into the forest. As she reached is safety, she heard cackling far behind her.
     It sounded like the fourth dwarf.

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  1. So intrigued! Want more! I don't have Facebook so I feel like I'm missing out or something.