Thursday, August 3, 2017

Who to Trust?

    Imagine your dilemma if you were in my Snow White's shoes. 

     She has been warned that her step-mother is evil and plotting her death.  This is born out by the fact that her step-mother tries to poison her on multiple occasions.  (Ah-hem...Perhaps the queen should have been a little more subtle).

     She has been warned that the dwarves are evil...although they have shown her nothing but kindness.

     A friendly old apple farmer stops by her house.

     And Snow White is rendered deep into a coma.  (Who knew apple farmers were so dangerous?)

      Fast-forward an unknown length of time. Snow White is suddenly awakened.  And not only are multiple parties present at her revival, but they are all apparently on opposite sides and ready to battle.  Some faces are familiar.  Some faces are new, offering her no clue as to how they seem to be so involved in her case (...a glass case, specifically).  With so many voices screaming for Snow White to rush into the "safety" that they offer her, who will she run to?

      Who would you run to?


  1. I adore your twists with this, it's going to be fantastic. I am so excited!

    1. I can't wait to send my first chapter to you!!!