Friday, August 4, 2017

A Friday Quote: Part 1

     Hello, delightful friends!  I am starting a new event.  It is called A Friday Quote, and I shall play this game every Friday from now until the end of November.  Here's how it works:
      Post a quote of something YOU wrote THIS week.
Something you edited this week (of something you previous wrote).

    Don't make the quote too long because I don't want you to spoil your story.  Probably 5 sentences or so would be a good amount.  But that is a guideline and not a rule.

     You don't have to participate every week.  But you can participate any week that you write.

      And it will be so much fun to see everybody's quotes.

     And, for me, it will be a reward for writing this week.  :D



  1. From my Snow White retelling:

    “Calm youselves, brothers,” the first dwarf said. His eyes were fixed on the prince’s, his right hand grasped his sword, and his left hand splayed out to his side – a restraining gesture towards the remaining dwarves. “The day is not lost. She will come to us.”

  2. Probably my favourite thing I've written this week is this paragraph:

    To the south, William crouched, watching and waiting. The winner at __ would have to face him. But this was no Crown Tourney, AEschild understood for the first time, this was deadly earnest. No pomp and display, such as she had seen at tournaments, would remain at the end of the day, when even the victor’s side was muddy and torn and blood-stained. They might fight honourably but their sorrow would not be much less when the Norman usurper took the crown. There would be no acknowledgements of “Well fought!” on the field of Hastings, the field of blood. No one would shout “Vivant!” when William changed the world’s fate. And she was caught up in the midst of it.

    I like this idea! I may have to try it on my own blog too.

    1. Good description of war...I like it's contrast with the games and tournaments.
      I am curious about the stakes, and how AEschild ended up in the midst of it.

    2. Thank you both!

  3. Here is mine.

    She would spend hours in front of that mirror, primping and evaluating. Anyone else who looked at her was in awe of her almost impossible beauty. She was always unimpressed, ever finding fault. I knew the truth of her almost eternal youth and beauty; I understood why she was never satisfied, why she secretly hated herself. It was never going to be enough.

    1. Love the way you expressed this. You make the tale come alive for me, and I'm never quite sure what you're going to say next, even when you weave familiar threads into your story.

    2. Ooh! That's quite a sympathetic villainess you've got there.