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Rooglewood Countdown: 12 1/2 weeks: Who Can We Cheer For!

     The deadline for submissions is past.

     Let the countdown begin.

     If you entered this year's contest or if you wrote a Snow White story without entering it, comment below with a title (if you have one) and a short blurb about your story.  Let's see some of the stories we all get to cheer for!


  1. The Blood of Beauty.
    Moriah's position as the most beautiful in all the land has plunged her into torment since she turned 16 years old. When she finds out that her own step-daughter is destined to take her place, Moriah must do all she can to prevent that from happening.

    1. I loved your twist with this! Made me love the Evil Queen!

  2. I thought about entering, but I learned about it a little too late and didn't want to push my other WIPs out of the day. Plus, I've never really done a retelling, so, yeah...

    But I know a number of people who entered, and I can't wait to see if anyone I know gets picked!!

    1. It is a fun contest, and I'm sorry you missed entering. But I love having you here to cheer us on and be excited if one of us wins!

  3. Falling Snow

    Snow is a circus clown, who aspires to become a trapeze in order to leave the circus life behind. Little does she know, her life is forfeit to a Fae Queen.

  4. Title: Forgotten


    Asher Grey doesn’t exist.

    When the love of his life is threatened by his top competitor in the Siobhán Game, Asher erases his existence from the world in order to save her. Vanishing without a trace, he treks into the deep reaches of the haunted birch forest, with nothing but a magic potion in hand and a heavy weight on his shoulders. And now Asher’s a wandering ghost of the man he once was, just hoping he did the right thing – hoping that he saved a life by making the world forget him, and leaving her. Permanently.

    But when everything he’s tried to fix comes crashing down around his head, Asher has to decide who he’s going to trust – and why. Because where he stands could determine who lives and who dies.

    The Siobhan Game never claimed to be an innocent thing. The only question is – how many lives will it claim?

    (the synopsis is a bit outdated, since I edited the story so much before submitting it, but it lets you get the gist of it :D)

    ~ Savannah | Scattered Scribblings

    1. That sounds so cool, Savannah! I want to read it!!!

  5. The Colour of Life

    In 1917 Russia, an heiress whose stepmother sent her away to live with a peasant finds new hope for life from a set of magic nesting dolls who come alive at midnight.

    Eh, I've written worse elevator pitches.

    1. Aw, thanks! The animated dolls were my sisters idea, actually, I just wrote the thing.

  6. Princess of the Seventh Star

    Carter Prince, an adventurer and Intergalactic knight, receives a desperate message from a mysterious young lady in space, and determines to rescue her. But light years aren't the only thing standing between them.

    I just wrote that, so it's probably not the best pitch ever. But, there it is.

    1. Oooh, that sounds intriguing. My husband loves Star Wars and it sounds like your story might have a little bit of a Star Wars flavor...


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