Thursday, November 21, 2013

Distracting New Plots -- A Form of Writer's Block

     I was complaining to my mother the other day of a problem I was having with my current book project.
     "Writer's block?" she guessed.
     "No," I disagreed.  "Writers' block occurs when you can't think of what to write next -- you are 'stumped.'  My problem is that I am suddenly disatisfied and bored with my current project and my mind has been ambushed with 3 or 4 new project ideas."
     As I thought about it, however, I suppose it could be a form of writers' block.  While lack of inspiration is not the cause of the block, it is still a block.  I am still staring at my computer screen with my fingers poised motionless above my keyboard.
     It is amazing how dazzlingly clever my new ideas for new books appear.  They look so much more interesting than my current project.  How can I combat this form of block?
     First of all, I remember that I was perfectly satisfied and happy with my current project only a month ago.  This means that my current distaste is more likely due to a passing mood than any real underlying flaws in the project.
     Secondly, I think of how important it is to finish a project.  A writer who has started 400 books but never finished any of them will never be published.  You HAVE to finish a book.  Once it is finished, you can edit, overhaul, fix, and do whatever else is needed to make it readable.  But you have to finish it.
      What if this book is never good enough to make it to a publisher?  Well, then, it was a good practice (as long as I finish it), and the next one I write will be better because of it.
      But I truly believe that this book is going to turn out well.  Writers' block, whatever the form, won't stop me.  I think it is my best one yet.

     Oh, I also have one other trick to help with this "bored" type of writers' block.  I will tell you about it tomorrow. ;)

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