Friday, November 8, 2013

James from Bella and Gerard

     I don't have a picture for this character yet.  Maybe it is because he is such an important character.  I probably won't ever give you pictures of my main characters unless I sketch them myself. 
     Main characters take on a form of their own in the imagination of the reader.  Rarely, as a reader, do I pay any attention to the photos or sketches of the main characters.  The pictures just don't look quite right.  I know what the character really looks like.  Apparently, as a writer, I have the same narrow view.
     All of this was simply to apologize for the lack of a photo.  And perhaps I can make up for that lack with a description.
     James is a young man in his early 20s.  He is tall and slender, with long limbs.  He has brown hair.  He's got a bit of an Irish accent.
     He is probably Gerard's best friend.  They have teamed up on some adventures and jobs in the past, before Bella came into the picture, and apparently Gerard used to room with him.  He is a steady and dependable fellow.  He's very quick to see through people - both the good and the bad.  And while he does not rush headlong into things, he pursues the things that are important to him.  He knows how to get things done.
     Here are some quotes from James:

     “So you’re the one who stole me bed,” he said with an accent unlike any Bella had heard before.

     “Are you still working at the factory?” Gerard asked, around a mouthful of bread.
    “I am, and I’m at school at nights,” James answered.  “I’m going to be an engineer, Gerry.”

     “Actually, I will probably take Bella uptown to one of the bigger churches,” Gerard suddenly decided.  “She’s never seen the architecture of a cathedral.”
     “God is still God…no matter where you are,” James answered.

     James laughed.  Then he leaped up suddenly and grabbed his shirt from the back of the couch.  “I’ve got to go, Gerry, or I’ll be late.  See you tonight!”  He paused long enough to wink at Bella.  “Take care, little miss,” he called cheerily as he hastened out the door.

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