Saturday, April 26, 2014

BB update: 28k+ words

     My BB project has over 28,000 words now.  That makes it longer than any of my other current projects.  I think this will be a full-length novel when it is finished.
     Flashbacks are a big part of this story.  The story I want to tell is the one happening in Rottly Mansion, but there is a history that affects the "now" of the story.  I feel like the reader needs to know the history in order to fully understand both my hero and my villain.  But there are many ways to introduce a reader to the history and I am experimenting with multiple types.
     As the narrator, I can simply tell the history in a few short words.
     Or my character can have a flashback --whatever scene they are in currently is interrupted by their mind's journey into the past where they relive some moment from their history.
     Or multiple characters can discuss the past together (George says, "Hey, Frank, remember when we tried to tame that wild pony?" and Frank says, "You mean the brown one with the blaze on his forehead?" and so on).
     Or someone can journal/write about the past.
     Or I can have a special chapter devoted to some past event.  (One chapter says "Italy. Circa 1850 AD" and the next chapter says "Rome. Circa 145 BC.").
     What are some other ways you can include the past?

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