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Rooglewood Countdown: 12 days

     For the next 12 1/2 days, as we do our final countdown until March 31st, I'm going to do 4 posts asking about something you would like to see in the Snow White collection.

     There are so many ways all of us, writers and readers alike, can win in this contest.  Maybe a familiar name makes it into the final five -- hurray!  Maybe a story in your favorite genre ended up in the collection this year -- woohoo!  Maybe you finally get to read a winning story about an evil king and his Snow White son -- how awesome!

     So, in celebration of all the many things we can root for, I want to know some of the things that you think would be cool to find in this year's set of winners.

     Without further ado, here is my question for the day:

What is a point of view you would like to see in this collection?  Would you like a story written from the prince's perspective?  A story from Snow White's perspective?  The evil queen's perspective?  A dwarf's perspective?  Which one is one that you would really like to see this year?


  1. I'd love to see ANY of those! But a dwarf POV would be really cool. I don't think I've ever seen that done. Another one that would be neat is some extra character--an outsider invented by the author! Maybe Snow White's sister, or the prince's brother, or the keeper of an apple orchard. XD

    1. Definitely a dwarf POV would be cool. And I like the outsider character, too. I originally planned to have more of an outside character when I first starting writing mine. Elsa, the maid that serves both the queen and Snow White, was going to be sticking her nose into things and making them worse in an effort to make them better. But I like how my story turned out even though Elsa didn't get as much screen time.

  2. (By the way, all of your countdown posts inspired my latest blog post!)

  3. I would love to see one from the perspective of the Queen ;)
    A gender bender would be cool too!

    1. Oh, my, I don't know where we could get one from her perspective. ;) I love you.
      Yes, a gender bender would be great!

  4. Ooh! (I'm way behind on all these posts.) Any perspective can be really neat in a story like this with such a varied cast. One from the mirror's would be neat, though it might be hard to manage, since the mirror is limited to seeing things and saying things (usually). Doing it from Snow White's perspective is so often done (I did it myself) that switching it up could be good. A dwarf would probably have a nice quirky point of view. The prince would have to be a lot less bland and irrational than he is in the original for sticking with his p. o. v. to be anything but annoying.

    1. That's true -- there are plenty of potential POVs to choose from in this story!
      I think somebody could pull off the mirror POV. If the mirror can see things throughout the kingdom and the mirror wants to do something about it, then a mirror would make a great POV.
      Hahaha! Please, somebody, give us a rational and interesting prince!

  5. Guys!!!! Guess what I just heard on the Facebook page!!! (I'm kinda freaking out a little bit.)

    AES says that there were LOTS of different POVs in the Finalists. Isn't that cool! I am so looking forward to Saturday so I can see a little bit about these diverse stories.

    She also said that all of the POVs in the five winners were from Snow White's perspective... Except one!!!!

    On a personal note, I'm freaking out because mine is not a Snow White POV. So my chances of winning just got slimmer, but they haven't been deleted entirely.

    But, sticking with the purpose of this post, it also means that we wanted to see some variety in the POV department, and we got that. Not we just have to wait and see if Tracey got her dwarf or her outsider...or if Skye got her queen...or if Sophia got her mirror, dwarf, or interesting prince!


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