Friday, July 25, 2014

Princess Taralia of Nephtar

     What shall be done with a beautiful princess of a poor country?  Send her to marry a prince from a rich country!  With this in mind, Princess Taralia is sent along with Nephtar's ambassador to visit the powerful country of Leramay.  Using as many arts as she can muster, it is her job to woo him into a marriage.  Her country depends on it.
      Things seem to be going well.  To her secret delight, the prince she is sent to win is a handsome, charming, young man.  And, while there are numerous other women seeking the same goal, Taralia has the advantage, since she came with her ambassador, of living in the prince's castle in the guest rooms reserved for foreign ambassadors.  With such hope in front of her, Taralia and her ambassador find extra business to detain them in Leramay for as long as necessary.
      But the prince disappears as soon as his father arrives home.  How can a woman woo a prince who is nowhere to be found?  Growing desperate, Taralia begins her own search for the missing prince.  Can she find him before he falls in love with someone else?

     Greetings, all!  There is a foreign princess who plays one of the side characters in one of my stories.  Princess Taralia only appears a few times in the tale, but I thought if I rewrote the story entirely from her perspective this back cover blurb (see italics above) would fit.

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