Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Secret Project Update

Whispering a Secret
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     Hi!  As many of you know, I am working on a secret project: a story that I am trying to keep mostly a secret until it is done.  However, being able to post updates and snippets and characters on this blog really helps me stay motivated as I write.  Posting something about my project on here is sort of a reward for the work that I put in behind the scenes.  And so, even though my project is a secret, you still get to know little bits and pieces about it.
     My update today is that my secret project now has about 6,500 words in it.  It is more than that if you count the two false starts (where I started writing and then scrapped the project as a dismal failure) or if you count the character development that I have done on the side.  But the story itself, as it stands, has 6,500 words so far.
     Six and a half thousand words may not sound like much, but I am so early in the story that I am half-afraid that, by the time I am done, it may be longer than I intended.  But, I will save those worries for the editing process.  For now, I am off to write more!


  1. Yay for writing! I hope you can finish this, and, personally, I think that longer stories are better anyway.

  2. Thank you! And I agree with you that longer stories are often better. :)