Monday, September 29, 2014

Autumn is Here

It's autumn where I live, and, unlike most years, the season’s arrival coincided with the date on the calendar. As if on cue, the air turned cool and crisp and the leaves began to turn. The drop from summer's heat to fall's cooler temperatures sent me scrambling into the depths of my closet for a coat.
This autumn promises to be an interesting one for me.  At my workplace, I am moving into my final stage of training before I get to turn in my paperwork and sit for my 8-hour exam.  That means that I am suddenly doing a lot more in both clinical and didactic studies…which is exciting and overwhelming at the same time.  This is a busy season at work anyway, and the extra studies on top of that are a challenge.
I am also doing new things in my writing.  I have my secret project that I am currently editing.  This is a huge step forward for me.  The things I have learned over the past couple months have been tremendous.  I’d really like to see my secret project go all the way through editing and publishing and marketing and so forth – for the learning experience if nothing else.  I am also doing the 100 for 100 Challenge at GoTeenWriters – which I have never done before.  And, since I decided to tackle a new project for the challenge, it has opened up a fresh story for me.  I’m writing it in first person, which comes easy to me after so many years of journaling.  And the POV character is observant so it isn’t hard to describe the world through her eyes.  I’m having fun.  J
There are other things in my world, too.  All of my siblings are moving soon – some closer and some farther away.  Hopefully, a couple of them will move back in with us temporarily during their transition. That will be an adjustment but a delightful one. 
And who knows what else the autumn holds for us?  For now, I will just lean back and close my eyes.  I can feel the sun’s warm rays on my face, contrasting with the cool breeze against my skin.  The breeze carries a sweet smell with it.  The harvest is coming in.  Apples are ripening.  I open my eyes and walk under a tree, feeling a shiver run through me as I step into its shade.  Leaves crunch under my feet.  I accidentally kick a mushroom, and it releases a cloud of spores, quickly carried away in the breeze.
And I am happy.
Autumn is here.

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