Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Finding an Art Teacher

Once upon a time, a little girl went looking for an art teacher.

She found a man who was famous for his art.  His work was displayed in many public places.

"Please, sir, I wish to paint a beautiful ballerina," she said.

"Nothing easier," said the famous artist.  "With a few lessons, you will be able to paint a ballerina like this:
Gabby Zapata

"Oh, but that is not what I had in mind at all!" the little girl said.  "It is beautiful and talented, no doubt, but I do not think you can teach me to paint my ballerina."

So she left him and searched for another. 

In the basement of a remote dwelling, she found another artist.  He was poor and reclusive.  Few people even knew that he existed and even fewer knew that he was a painter.

"Please, sir," said the little girl, "I want to paint a beautiful ballerina."
"I cannot teach you," the man said.  "I am a nobody.  You want to study under someone who has been successful at their craft.  If you follow me, you will starve as I have."

With those words, he turned back to his work.  The little girl took a step closer and gasped when she saw his painting.  It was almost exactly the ballerina she had envisioned.

Probably my favorite. I love ballet and Edgar Degas... <3

Which man would be the better teacher for the little girl?
[Note: This story is no reflection on the artists of the above pictures (which I took from pinterest).  I merely looked for two very talented but very different representations of a similar subject.  I know Degas is the actual painter behind the second picture (although my story is not about him).  I do not know who painted the pink ballerina (the first picture).]

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