Friday, March 6, 2015

Introducing the Caves: Scenes from Deep Underground

     A lot of The Caver's Kiss is set underground.  I don't know if any of you have ever explored big caves, but they are beautiful.  I remember touring one cave and wishing I could live down there.
     I would love to take you all with me into a cave so you could see how amazing they are.  Since I can't, I am doing the next best thing and showing you pictures.
    These are pictures from pinterest.  And while none of them were taken in Wheston caves (because no one has ever taken a camera down there), they should give you an idea of some of the things you might see.
     So join me for a little spelunking!

Spelunking is another word for cave exploring.

First, we are going to lower ourselves down into these caves.  Amos had to rappel 40 feet down into the Wheston caves from the entrance he found.

The Wheston caves have mostly sandy or reddish colored walls.

After admiring this cool rock formation, which direction would you head?  In that hole to the left?  Or would you veer off to the right?

How tall do you think this room is?
Some of the tunnels that Amos worked through were pretty tight spaces.

But, at other times, the cave would widen into a large room.

Again, look at these formations and imagine exploring them for yourself.

If you lived here, where would you put your bedroom?  Or your kitchen?  How about the pantry?

This is a lovely tunnel, but I don't imagine Amos found such neatly graded flooring.  Even in well-worn parts, the rocks under your feet were sometimes uneven.

This is more like the paths that Amos chose from as he went spelunking in Wheston caves.

So that was part one of our little caving expedition.  Come back next Friday as we look at some of the rock formations more closely!

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