Friday, March 20, 2015

Introducing the Caves: The Water Scenes

     Today is going to be a fun day.  We are going to look at water scenes deep underground.

There are several places in the Wheston caves that have still or running water.  Amos visits a few of them in his first few days in Wheston.

If you were wondering last week where the water (for the rock formations) comes from, well, here it is.

And it's just so gorgeous...

As you can see, in some places the ceiling vaults high above the water, and in other places it hovers low.

In places where the water flows near the surface, you may have bits of sunlight trickling down.

I love this picture!!!

But in other places, you are obviously deep underground.

How cool is this???

So, there you have it!  Water scenes from deep underground -- things like Amos might have seen in his years of caving.
Again, you cannot make up a more fantastic world than this one.

Join me next Friday so I can show you a unique creature that proves useful in Wheston caves.

And, just for fun, I will leave you with one more cool water picture:

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