Monday, August 3, 2015

Rooglewood Writing: part 1

     It has now been 9 weeks since this year's Rooglewood contest was announced.  And, for anyone who is interested, we have a little over 21 weeks before our stories must be in Rooglewood's inbox.  Can you tell I am excited?  It's hard to believe that we are over a quarter of the way into this.

     For those of you who have not started, do not despair.  I know multiple people who didn't start their stories until late.  I think one of the winners, the first year, started quite late.  And I myself was still brainstorming when August rolled around last year.

     This year, however, I have some very rough first drafts to my name.  And I'm tinkering away on them, trying to pull an acceptable story out of the collections of words.

     Sometimes when you start writing, you uncover more elements to brainstorm.  For example, in AAM, I realized I need to finalize the setting in my mind.  What does her castle look like?  What is the fashion for nobility?  It's a little vague in my imagination, so it is a little vague on paper.  And, while I don't want descriptions to take over the story, I do want readers to feel like they are "there."

     How about you?  Have you started writing your story yet?  Have you finished a first draft?  Have you uncovered more elements to brainstorm?


  1. I have an idea, but I have gotten no farther than the first paragraph. I am slightly freaking out, as last year. I was halfway done at this point, and I don't really do rough drafts so I will have to see if my brain can string something together in time.

  2. Don't freak out. :D Stories come or they don't, and odds are, they WILL come. Like I said, a lot of people haven't even started yet, and we do have 21 more weeks.

    So, rough drafts for me consist of me writing the whole thing without going back until I am done. I strive for excellence, but usually when I'm done there are still a lot of necessary edits and sometimes rewrites. I haven't succeeded in writing a perfect story without editing later. ;)

    I hope your story blossoms into something beautiful, and that we all get to read it at some point! <3