Friday, August 7, 2015

Wherein I Get a Tiny Thrill

I realize that my tiny thrill will seem tame to non-writer people.

You are expecting that I jumped on a zip line or petted a shark or something.

But, for me, it was reading (on Anne Elisabeth Stengl's blog) the line, "After all, one of YOU might be a featured author this time next year."

Believe it or not, I don't think about this much.  My focus is on my stories.  I write.  I edit.  I edit again.  Then I submit, and I wait to find out whether I earn the right to do even more editing.  I don't think about thrill you feel when you check the announcements page and find out you won.

Maybe it's because I'm not sure I will win.  Or maybe it's because I'm trying to pace myself for the long haul -- a lifetime of writing and editing and submiting.  Who knows.

But then I read the "After all...YOU."  And, zing! Adrenaline rush!

The thought that Emily
                        or Skye
                           or Jack
                              or Ana
                                or Emileigh
                                    or Janie
                                        or KS
                                            or Rachel
                                                or Mary
                                                     or Kiri
                                                         or any of you
                                                               or me
                              could be featured in next year's collection sends my heart skipping.

Does it do the same for you?

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