Thursday, October 17, 2013

Quotes from Bella and Gerard

Since I have not finished even the first draft of Bella and Gerard, it is perhaps a little bit premature to tell you much about it.  At this point, even I do not know all the twists and turns this tale may take.  However, with that disclaimer, I give you the premise of the story: 
    Bella's aunts could not understand why their sister had left her only child to the care of the black sheep of the family.  When he disappeared within a week of receiving guardianship, they said good-riddance to him and dutifully took over the raising of Bella.  They never expected him to show up 7 years later to take her away.  Against the advice of the aunts, Bella and Gerard embark on a journey that proves to be quite a learning curve for both of them!
And here are some quotes from the first few chapters:
~  She grasped handfuls of cut grass clippings and tossed them over her head, feeling the blades pitter-patter across her face as they returned to earth.  It was good to be alive. ~

~  ...although there was something adventurous and exciting about being kidnapped in the middle of the night by your uncle. ~

~  She didn’t know how Gerard did it, but he was a boy.  Boys, doubtless, had special powers. ~

~  Bella hesitated and then asked, “Do you have any clean sheets?”
    Gerard got up and rummaged in the closet and the bedroom, but he came up empty.  “I guess not,” he said, apologetically.  He fingered the sheet that was on the bed.  “But," he commented in a matter-of-fact tone, "this one is not that dirty." ~

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