Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Meet WhiteStar

     Hello, all!  I would like you to meet WhiteStar.  She has been an amazing teacher of horsemanship.  I owe much of what I know about horses to her.
     Our relationship did not start out perfectly -- my fault, of course, and not hers.  I came for horse lessons with my mind full of the amazing things I could do someday.  I eyed the horses in the field and saw one attractive red Hanoverian mare.  Ah, yes, she would be a beautiful horse to work with.
     My human teacher brought the red beauty as well as an Appaloosa cross.  The Appaloosa cross, as you may guess, was WhiteStar.  She was a good horse for beginners: sweet, shy, submissive.  Her favorite 2 things to do are to stand still and to eat.  So she was not likely to go galloping across the field on a whim with a frightened beginner rider clinging to her neck.  This, I was told, would be a great horse for me to start on.
      I had to swallow my pride and admit that I was definitely a beginner.  The beginner's horse was probably the one for me.
     But, I told myself, I will learn on her as fast as I can so I can move on to a real horse.
     Ha!  I didn't know what a real horse was...
     As I have learned, one of the amazing things about horses is how well they can read humans.  And WhiteStar knew from our very first moment together that I was looking right past her, using her as a step stool.
     That's not the best way to start a relationship with anybody -- human or animal.  And, so, my horsemanship lessons began...

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