Saturday, October 12, 2013

Welcome All!

     Welcome to the blog!  This blog was created as a way to share the good things that I have been given.  I hope it makes a difference for you
     I have an interest in writing that started at a young age and has grown as I did.  Much of this blog will be centered around my love of writing.  I will be sharing pieces of current story projects or things that I have learned as I write.
     As you look around my blog, you will find three titles that I would like to explain. 
          - The title of my blog comes from Psalm 45 in the Bible.  It is pretty self-explanatory. 
          - The user name applied to myself is Bound and Freed.  This is a neat thing about my life because...well, I'll explain it another day.  [Hehe, my mom would protest about the 'suspence' if she were reading this.]
          - And the web address for the blog comes from my allegiance to God, from my awesome upbringing, and from the fact that it just sounds cool.
     For this first month, I am going to try to post at least twice a week.  You should know that I have a job where I am on call 24/7.  So if I am late to a post, I apologize in advance, and I will catch up when I get home.  Fair enough?

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