Sunday, October 13, 2013

Newspaper Girl from Bella and Gerard

    One of my many writing projects is under a working title of Bella and Gerard.  I don't know yet if this project is publishing material, but I am having fun with it.
    One of the things that I am really enjoying about this project is the characters.  I have felt very relaxed as I write this project, and so, instead of rushing to my finale, I am slowing down and enjoying the journey.  And part of that includes getting to know the people in the story.
     The other day, I looked online for some photos for my characters.  It was the first time I have done that for a writing project, but it is really helpful.  Here is the picture I found for the newspaper girl.
     She's practically an orphan, living on the streets of New York City in the early 1900s.  She's small for her age but a little spitfire if you get her ire up.  Some bigger boys in the neighborhood pick on her (it makes me wish I could step into my story and defend her -- those boys make me so mad!).
     She's been "adopted" by a little orphan boy.  He's a year or two younger than she is, but he is convinced that he takes care of her.  In all honesty, they are a sweet pair, looking out for each other the best they can.
     The newspaper stand in the picture belongs to a unhealthy, distracted man who appears at the stand on rare occasion.  He has a fondness for a drink that only makes him more unhealthy and distracted.  He at first gave the girl odd jobs relating to the stand, but, as he showed up less and less, she started running the stand herself.
      Between her newspaper stand and the pennies from odd jobs, she and her little "brother" are surviving on the streets of New York...but just barely.
      Her life is a far cry from Bella's.  They have only a little interaction in this story, but it is enough to make an impact on Bella.  A child should not have to be as self-reliant as the little newspaper girl was forced to be, but her grit and fearlessness in the face of it helps awaken similar qualities in Bella.  All in all, I like my little newspaper girl.

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