Monday, February 16, 2015

Why I Like Posting Snippets

Posting snippets of your story is a fun exercise.  Here is why:


#1.  It is sort of a reward for the work you put in.  After all, if you didn't write anything, you wouldn't have any snippets to post.

#2.  It's fun to see what gems you have created. 
     Some writing is ho-hum.  I look over my own work and see boring sentences such as "She walked outside."  Sometimes a boring sentence is necessary and fits very nicely into your paragraph, but it doesn't sound impressive in a snippets collection.
     However, as you read through your story, you find some unique sentences that can stand alone.  Then you put them in a snippets post and feel very proud of them.  For me, sometimes it's a confidence booster.  Hey, look, I do have some good pieces in here!

#3.  They are a way to share what you are writing without spoiling the story.
     Seriously, if you can guess my plot from the 6 snippets I posted last Friday, you are either a genius or you are cheating. 
    Sometimes, I pass up posting a gem-of-a-sentence because it IS a spoiler.
    But, more often, I just have fun picking out sentences that make you wonder what is happening in that scene and, hopefully, make you want to read more.

How about you?  Do you post snippets from your writing?  Why or why not?


  1. I'm a little bit shy about posting my writing on my blog, but I love reading snippets posts from other bloggers, so I think I might try posting some snippets of my own sometime. It really is fun to find one sentence gems with the perfect turns of phrase and wording in my novel.

  2. Hi again! I hope your book is going well. I do sometimes posts snippets but only only a feature I do called Fiction Friday. It's encouraging because it reminds me the progress I've made. (So when I post nothing, I feel appropriately guilty, LOL.) I have more short stories posted. Although in general I should post things more often.

    That's why I'm writing a new short series on my blog starting this Friday! And I must come back and read these snippets of which you speak. Brilliant topic for your post.

  3. That will be fun to read, Ana!

    Ashana, I like the idea of having a day of the week set aside for the snippets party on your blog. And you're doing a new short series? I might have to swing by your blog and check it out. :D

  4. Yes!! I agree! Posting snippets is so fun and rewarding. I haven't done it in a while, but I've been thinking of doing it again. =)

  5. I would love to hear some bits from your new story, Emily. :)