Saturday, February 28, 2015

TCK: Snippets Part 3

Here is my third round of snippets from The Caver's Kiss.  Enjoy!

     Predictions were worthless...


     Hilma squeezed Ally’s hands sadly.  “My little Alumina…light of my world…my second chance…what has come over you?” 


       “Are you insane?” I whispered fiercely.  Kana’s nimble form was far ahead of me, clambering over rocks.  “Aren’t you forbidden from this part of the caves?  Don’t the Dragos live here?”
      “Yes, but if we see one you can kill it,” she said.
      Amos, the mighty Drago-slayer.  Somehow, in the retelling of the story, they forgot that the Drago impaled himself through no skill of mine.


     “So, do you think I am the son of prophecy?” I said, too weary to even grin at her.  My sense of humor seemed to have stormed out of the village with Ally and left me.
     “I don’t know anything about a son of property,” she said, weighing her words with all the gravity of an 8-year-old.


     I didn’t sleep well that night.  My success with wrenching the backstory out of Hilma was outstanding.  Perhaps, I could add legend-cracking to my future career as a caver.  But I was still missing the end of the story.  And, in some odd way, I felt like the final chapter of the legend involved me.  
     Which was ridiculous.

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