Sunday, February 1, 2015

Rooglewood contest winners!

     Hello, everyone!  The Rooglewood contest winners have been announced.  You can see the stories and authors at Rooglewood Press Fairy Collections.  I was not on the winning list, as you can see, and I didn't recognize any close friends.  However, one of the stories I recognized from a comment a girl left on a that kind of counts as a story/author that I knew about ahead of time.
     I very much enjoyed entering this contest.  I feel like my writing skills grew tremendously, and I feel like I could do better next time, based on what I learned this time.  And those are the main reasons I enter a contest anyway.
      So congratulations to the winners...and maybe you'll be seeing my name in the winners' list next year!


  1. I do hope I get to see your name on the winners' list next year, and hopefully mine will be right on that list with yours. I know Anne Elisabeth Stengl has years of future contests planned out, so we have tons of opportunities to grow our writing skills.

  2. It would be awesome to see your name on the rooglewood list! Yay for future opportunities!