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Beautiful People: June
I am joining with Sky and Cait's Beautiful People link-up.  They posed the questions for me to answer for my character.  Rather than answer them myself, I will let Ilona answer them.  It seems more fun that way.
Ilona, so you know, is the only daughter of the king and queen of Hanadil.  She is a character in a new story I am playing with. 
Here it goes:

1. Do you know your biological parents? Why?
     Yes, of course, I know my parents.  Why wouldn't I?  I was raised by them!  (And by my nursemaids).
    Do you know your grandparents?
     Noooo.  My papa's parents died before I was born.  And my mama's...I've never heard about them.  Is that strange?  Maybe they died, too, and she is too sad to talk about it.

2. Have you inherited any physical resemblences from your parents?
     I look very much like my papa.  I have his hair color.  But I am beautiful like my mama...or so he tells me.

3. What are your parents' dress style?

4. Do you share personality traits with your parents?  Which do you take after most?
      I am quiet and graceful like mama.  But, mostly, I take after my papa.

5.  Do you get along with your parents or do you clash?
     I am very close to both my parents.

6. Describe each of your parents in one word.
     My papa is strong and encouraging.  My mama is protective and wise.

7. How have your parents helped you most in your life?
     My papa taught me about my duty as princess, how to make sacrifices for others, and how to enjoy life to the fullest.
     My mama taught me how to listen, how to see the world around me by paying attention, and how to be patient.

8. What was your biggest fight with your parent(s)?
     I can't think of any particular fight.  There were little battles of being made to do unpleasant things (like finishing my studies) or of being deprived of something I wanted (new horse, new dress, new maid).

9. Tracing back the family tree, what nationalities are in your ancestry?
     My papa's family has been Hanadil royalty for as long as long as Hanadil has existed.  My mama's family is from...actually...I have no idea.  Hmmm.

10.  What is your favorite memory with your parents?
     So many memories!  How shall I choose?  I think I especially like horseback riding with my papa or sitting with him in court.  And I love going for walks with my mama or sitting in her rooms and talking with her.


  1. IIona seems sweet, and seems to have a good relationship with her parent's which is refreshing for me. All of my characters have horrible or dead parents.
    Is she from your Sleeping Beauty Retelling?

  2. Yes, she's the heroine in one of my retelling ideas. And, yes, she has a great relationship with her parents.

    To view it with a mastermind author's eye, "a conflict with her parents wasn't the driving part of the plot."

    Even good relationships have moments of trial. Any long-time married person will tell you of good years and bad years. Maybe Ilona would have described her relationship differently if this story fell at a different time. But the bulk of her story is obviously taking place in a good year. ;). Which means all of her conflict can focus on the sequence of events apparently launched by her father's hunt for an appropriate husband for her. Oh, my, what a can of worms he opened!

  3. I love the name Hanadil for a country. As Skye says, it's nice to find a character who gets on well with their parents.

  4. Thank you, Becca! You're the first person to comment on the name of my country, and I can't tell you how thrilled I am that you noticed the name, and liked it!!!


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