Monday, September 21, 2015

Krecese and Padadaleko

     An emissary was traveling across the world, carrying a message.  He came to a city called Krecese.  Entering the city, he found many people -- some of which strove to live moral lives and some of which lived very wicked lives.
     "Oh, people of Krecese!" cried the emissary.  "There is no difference in the laws.  Those who have cheated their neighbors only pennies are lawbreakers as much as those who have cheated entire fortunes.  Those who have hated a brother are as guilty as those who have murdered.  Great and small, you are all in need of redemption from God."
      The people of Krecese listened to his words.  They fell to their knees and asked God's forgiveness.  They sought His help.  And they received the redemption He offered, through His Son, Jesus.
     Some of the more wicked ones of Krecese were afraid to come to God -- afraid that their lives were too dark.  But their neighbors reached out to them with open arms.
     "We were all dark in the eyes of God.  I have done wrong, too," said the neighbors.  "Join us as we focus our eyes on Jesus, our Redeemer, and strive to be more like Him."
      And so the city of Krecese turned wholeheartedly toward God.

     The emissary continued on his way, and he came to a city called Padadaleko.  It was a city very much like Krecese; so the emissary entered and gave his same message.
     The people of Padadaleko listened to his words.  Then they looked at one another.
     "Did you hear the emissary?" said one man to his neighbor.  "Why then do you despise my swindling of fortunes?  Haven't you stolen small things?"
     "And you!" said another man.  "How is your swindling any better than the murders I have committed?  How dare you tell me that I am not right with God, when you yourself are just as guilty as I am?"
     "Wait!" said a third man.  "Let's turn to God and repent, all of us!  Leave your murders, your idolatry, your stealing, your adultery, and every other sin.  Join me in following God!"
     "I feel the condemnation you have toward me," a fourth man replied.  "Why do you list my sin in the top four?  What makes you think it so evil?  Surely God would not have you make me feel so uncomfortable!"
     "There's no point in trying to correct one another.  As you can see, it's impossible to be perfect.  Let's each go our own way and be happy."
      And so the city of Padadaleko sank deeper into their sins.  They urged one another to try new sins -- after all, the new sin is no worse than the one you've already been doing.  And the destruction of that city, as they turned on one another, was very great.

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