Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Mental Ward - A Call for Help (6)

     Emery leaned her back against the elevator.  Trapped on a floor with a loose lunatic.  What did that even mean?
      The girl, lying semi-conscious on the floor of her room, had not seemed so scary.  But Emery had heard the frightful sounds made when Beastly was awake.  And logic told her that there was a reason the girl was locked in her own high security room.
      If some asylum patients beat their own heads against walls, who was to say that other asylum patients didn't enjoy beating other people's heads against walls?
     "Think, Emery, think."  There must be a way out of here.  A way to let somebody know she was trapped.
      ...But, of course!  The office!  There must be a phone or something in there.
      Relief swelled her heart, and she moved at once.  Tiptoeing as quickly at possible around the corner and down the hall to the office, Emery whispered another prayer.  "Please, God, let me make it."  At least, she had hope now.
     The hall was still empty -- no sign of Beastly.  Emery pushed against the office door.
      It creaked open, long and slow and sad.  Emery hesitated in the doorway, allowing her eyes to adjust to the dim room.  The light from the hallway fell around her shoulders, partly illuminating the darkness.
     There!  On the far wall was an intercom button.
      Emery threw one last glance over her shoulder, but the hall was still empty.  Then she darted into the room.
     The door swung shut behind her, plunging the room into darkness.  Emery flung out her arm, still desperately rushing toward the intercom button.  But her foot tripped on something soft.  She fell forward.
     Just as her hands hit the ground, electric light flooded the room.  And before Emery could blink she saw what she had tripped on.  Or who.
     The tubby figure was outstretched, face down on the floor.  And she wasn't moving.
     Emery shrieked, rolling away from her, and landed on her back...
     ...looking straight up into the wild and bloodthirsty eyes of Beastly.


  1. Ooo, this story is chilling! When are you posting the next installment? ~Savannah P.

  2. For as long as I can keep up with it, installments are on Wednesdays and Saturdays. And you can read the older installments by clicking on the label "MentalWard."

    1. I already did :). All of them were awesome! I'm loving this story! ~Savannah P.

    2. Oh, wow, great! See you Wednesday, then. :D
      Thank you.