Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Mental Ward - A Look of Murder (12)

     Emery couldn't ignore that call.  Not when Beastly needed her so.  She raced down the hallway toward the sounds.
     Around the corner and through a doorway, Emery stumbled on the scene.  Two women huddled on the floor, eyes wide.  One of them was screaming, and the other seemed paralyzed with fear.  Beastly was on top of a man, apparently holding him down with superhuman strength.  In her hand, she held a knife, and an evil grin was on her face.
     Emery froze in the doorway, wishing she were not here to see this.  Beastly had the look of murder about her. Emery felt like she could throw up.
      Beastly licked her lips and faltered.  Her eyes grew wide, and she screamed Emery's name again.
     But the sound altered at the end into a yowl and the dark look covered her face again.  She pressed her knife lightly against the man's chest.  Then she shifted her weight, raising the knife high as if about to plunge it.
     Emery tried to close her eyes but they were frozen open.  She tried to shout but no sound would come.
     Suddenly Beastly looked up, her eyes meeting Emery's.  Again she faltered. The wild look left her face, replaced with a desperate one.
     "A...a...a story!" she cried, her voice catching as if the words were hard to say.  The knife waved wildly and light flashed from its blade.  "Emery!"


  1. I like how you're using story as a device to waken Beastly's inner humanity.

  2. Cweepy... (Even if I haven't read previous installments.) BTW, I like the name Emery! :)

    I've nominated you for the Infinity Dreams Blog Award, if you're interested:

    1. Next week, I'll respond. Thanks for nominating me!