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Rooglewood Contest: Your Update

Hi! This is a question for those of you who are entering the Rooglewood contest. How far along are you?
Have you thought of a story idea yet?
Have you started writing?
Have you finished a draft?
     ...started editing?
     ...settled on a title?
     ...submitted your entrance form?
     ...finished polishing your story?
     ...submitted your story to Rooglewood?

P.S. Don't forget Anne 's show and tell!  The deadline for show-and-tell submissions is today, and then the Show-and-Tell itself will be on her blog on Wednesday.

P.S.2. I have 18 followers now and I am soooo excited!  Thank you for joining me!

P.S.3. If you are joining the Show-and-Tell, feel free to say so in the comments so the rest of us can look for you on Anne's blog. :D


  1. I'm actually working on three entries right now, and then I'll decide my favorite and send that one in :). For entry #1 I've finished writing the first draft, I'm going to start editing soon, and I did settle on a title for that one (I think, that could change). Entry #2 I just started writing it, and no title has come to mind for that one yet. Entry #3 was just a random pop of inspiration when I thought all my story ideas were over, so I haven't started writing that one quite yet, but I have a very good idea of what the story is all about :). I haven't sent in any submission forms yet, simply because I'm not totally set on my titles, or which story I shall send.
    I'm not joining in the show and tell this year :(. I thought I might, be each time I settled down to write my bit for it, I decided to work more on my 5MS entries instead.
    What about you? Where are you in the writing process? Are you entering the show and tell?

    ~Savannah P.

    1. So you are like me -- I'm working on three possible entries, too! And it sounds like you are making good progress. It's hard to do three at once, sometimes.
      I have the first drafts done on all three of mine, and now I'm editing.
      I haven't sent submission forms yet (for the same reason as you gave).
      I AM joining the show-and-tell, and I'm very excited about it. Writing the blurb for it was a little bit hard so I figured it was good practice for me.
      But the show-and-tell is less important than the entries themselves; I'm proud of you for using your time wisely. Keep up the good work!!!

  2. I'm still editing my entry. I'm taking part in the Show-and-Tell! I'll be sure to look for yours! =)

    1. Yay! I can't wait to see yours in the Show-and-Tell!
      I hope your editing is going great! <3

  3. I am starting the second draft of my re-telling, and I think I've come up with a title for it. I'm not doing the Show-and-tell submissions though, I'm just planning to sit back and watch.

    1. Nice, Emma! I'm still not sure of my titles. And second drafts are how you change a story from amateur to professional, right?
      Hehe - sitting back and watching, eh? I don't blame you. It's going to be fun to read all the pieces of ideas. But, in all honesty, I am intrigued by the many stories that aren't in the show-and-tell. It adds to your mystery...

  4. You know, I was thinking about how the flavor of a collection is not decided until Anne gets all the finalists and sees how they fit together.
    And then I was thinking about the "flavor" of the show-and-tell.
    And then I was wondering how much the flavor will be different in the actual collection (after it is narrowed by judges and broadened by additional entries that were not in the show-and-tell). So the show-and-tell is only building our suspense without giving away any true spoilers.
    I'm excited about Wednesday.

    And now I need to buckle down and work on SPINDLE. See you later, folks!

  5. Around August this new idea kept bugging me (in a good way) and after a bit of thought I decided to give it a go, so I've now got two stories going, and it's a bit overwhelming (part of why I decided not to enter the show and tell...but when they smooth out more I'm thinking of doing a similar type post on my blog).
    My first one has a nice title I've settled on, and is very close to completion - I really just have to get to it, but the end are rather hard - having to tie up all the loose strings and make the reader feel satisfied and all that.
    Number two has a really bland name, and I've been racking my brain but can't come up with a better one :( It's also very short right now, just over a thousand words, but I feel good about it because I really feel like I know this one better, and I just completed plotting it, which makes me much happier about it!
    I'm so excited about the show-and-tell though!! It's going to be so awesome to see all the ideas together.
    Congrats on eighteen and good luck with edits!

    1. It's so cool to hear how everybody's stories are coming.
      Mary, your stories sound fascinating! And I'm so excited for your progress. If you end up doing your own private show-and-tell for your stories on your blog, I'd love to have you comment on my blog with the link!

  6. Oh my gosh. Thank you so much for this post or else I would have forgotten to submit my Show and Tell entry. Time flies by way too fast! As for me, I am still plodding along on the first draft slowly but surely. I expected to have it done earlier, but I'm not panicking since there's still a ton of time left-although, again, time flies so I know the deadline will sneak up on me before I know it. And I haven't found a title yet, either. I'm confuzzled. But I'll think of one! I'm so excited for the Show and Tell post!

  7. Oh, good, Ana! I'm glad I could remind you. :). Especially since I'm looking forward to hearing about your story in the Show-and-Tell.
    I know what you mean about the titles - I'm still wavering on the naming of my stories.
    And we have about 15 weeks left, right?

  8. Hi! Thought I'd stop by your blog since you stopped by mine :-) Since you've asked, I'll tell you that I finished a first draft, which ran about 14,000 words, and am now rewriting it from a different POV to see if that works better. So far, it does.

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Hamlette!
      I did that with SPINDLE -- I started in third person and now I'm working on a rewrite in 1st person. We'll see how it goes. :)


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