Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Less Than One Month to Contest Announcement

    On June 1st, the Rooglewood Contest will be announced.  I am definitely looking forward to this!

    These past 5 months have been so full for me that I haven't had time to fret over how slow time passes or to work much on story ideas.  But the contest has been there, lingering around the back of my mind, adding a little bit of excitement to daily life.

     Today, I had a little bit of time to work on a story.  I have an idea for Little Red Riding Hood and another for The Little Mermaid.  Today, I worked on the Little Mermaid story.

      My Little Mermaid story is about the other woman -- the one the prince was falling in love with instead of the Little Mermaid.  You see, the Little Mermaid rescued the prince from a shipwreck, carried him across the sea, and floated him into the shallows.  But there was a woman on the shore who saw him and helped to nurse him back to health.  Since he was unconscious during the Mermaids rescue, he thinks of the shore woman as his rescuer -- the one who pulled him from the sea.  This, of course, complicates the Little Mermaids hopes and dreams, and she hates this other woman with a passion.
     However, there is some strange connection between the Little Mermaid and the Shore Woman.  The Shore Woman dreams scenes out of the Little Mermaid's life.  And when the Little Mermaid loses her voice, the Shore Woman is the only one who can hear her thoughts.
     Such a connection might be the best chance the Little Mermaid has for a friend, so far from her home.  But it's a little hard to make friends with the ultimate rival for the man of your dreams.

      What do you think? 
      And how are your stories coming?


  1. Oh, your story does sound interesting, Esther! And I'm pretty excited for this year's contest, too; it's coming up so quickly! :D

    1. Anne Elisabeth Stengl posted on the Rooglewood contest Facebook page. If you email her with your blog address, she'll send you reveal party info. In other words, you get to find out the contest subject a week early so you can help her announce it in June 1st.

  2. What a great idea for The Little Mermaid! That's one of the neat things about these contests -- my knowledge of that fairy tale (and most others) is rather vague, but I'm always surprised by how much depth they hold.
    I too have had life overrun my story writing, but last year I did start and complete most of the first draft of a Little Red Riding Hood story, so if that's the fairy tale, I'll have motivation to finish it, but otherwise, I'm not sure if I'll be entering. But either way, I'll definitely be following all the contest excitement! :)

    1. Mary, I didn't grow up with fairy tales so all of the stories are a little vague to me as well. But it was neat to read the original tale and find out about it.
      Little Red Riding Hood was one of my guesses for this year's contest. It will be fun if you enter!

  3. You already have an idea, that's awesome! I am so excited for the next contest.