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Time Traveler Letter from 2016

       I think it is kind of interesting the way a blog morphs over the course of it's existence.  Do you ever look back over your blog and remember the way you felt when you first started writing it?  Maybe it's just me, because I attach memories to things.  But I pull up my early, early blog posts and I remember how excited and apprehensive I was -- so full of ideas and plans for what my blog would become and at the same time nervous that it wouldn't succeed or that it would fall into the category of "boring" for all my readers.  And there's more emotions that I remember -- ones that I haven't really learned to put into words yet.

     Why am I reminiscing today?  Because today, for me, is actually May 3rd, 2016.  That's right -- 2016.  This is another one of my time traveler letters.  I write a post and then arrange for it to be published a year later.  You should try it -- it's kind of a fun exercise. ;)

     One of the things that has been bugging me for the last year or so is my own difficulty in putting things into words.  The Penslayer unwittingly pointed this out to me because she wrote things that called out thoughts and emotions from deep, deep inside of me.  And the fact that she could put my most hidden feelings into words was thrilling.  But, at the same time, it was also frustrating.  Am I not a writer?  Are not words -- and the ability to use them to call out the deep parts of people -- part of my chosen vocation?  Then why could I not find the words to express myself?  Why could she speak my own thoughts better than I could?

      But I've built some deeper relationships lately, with people -- one in particular.  And he makes me think.  He makes me take the time to actually look deep inside myself and stumblingly put those soul-swellings into words.  He asks and asks and asks again -- questions like "what are you thinking?" and "what's going on inside your head right now?"  And, as I try to communicate with him, I begin to notice a difference in my writing.

       Eh, it's too soon to tell.  But, just maybe, this is the beginning of being able to write those deep things so that my writing calls out to the deep part of other people.  Maybe you, reading this a year later, can attest to that.  We'll see, right?

      In my own writing, I'm mostly stomping around in the world of ToP, trying to get to know it well enough to tell the world about my adventures there.  

     Below are the stats updates on my blog.  I don't know that such information is really interesting to my readers, and I'm not remotely offended if you skip this part.  But I do like being able to look back on it, myself, and this is a good place to store the info.  So, if you will permit me, I will list out a few here:
Pageviews all-time history: 18,814 
Highest viewed month to-date: November 2015 (1,527 views)
Lowest viewed month to-date: still January 2015 (158 views) because I'm not counting that first half-a-month when I started my blog in October 2013.
Number of published posts: 534
Five most popular posts of all time:
     Rooglewood Contest Countdown: 14 days
     The Countdown: 8 days
     Short Story: Becoming a Daddy
     I Done Told You
     Guest Post by Emily!
Number of Published Comments: 871 
Number of Followers: 24

     Ideally, I should write about my greatest weaknesses and my greatest improvements and my goals for this coming year.  But, honestly, my goal for the coming year is simply to write.  To write well and to write the deep things without fear.  And with that, I don't feel the need to fret over weaknesses and improvements.  Ladies and gentlemen, I am just going to write for all I am worth.  Even if that means that I don't further my writing career at all this year.  I am ready to take a breather and pour my heart out through my fingertips.  And we'll see where it takes us.'s to another year of blogging, online friendships, and writing comradery.  May your writing be full of Light and point people to our God and Savior.



  1. Such a cool idea! I enjoyed reading your reminisces. :)


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