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Rooglewood Contest: 8 1/2 weeks: I've Been Here Before...

    I'm just hanging out with you on this lovely February morning.  Out of curiosity, have any of you entered any contests before?  What contest did you enter?  Were you glad you did?  Why or why not?


  1. I entered the poetry contest once at our county fair. That was pretty exciting.

    But mostly I do races and show my animals.

    I believe I did a GTW contest once as well, actually. One where you send in the first 3K words or something and they critique it, and the best couple are sent to some publishing friends? Nothing came of that save for some excellent feedback, though...

  2. I just have to say, I love these little discussion posts! They help pass the time until the announcement, and they're great for a non-FB person who has no idea what's been discussed there. (Like myself. ;))

    I've entered all four Rooglewood contests, and each one taught me something new! Prior to that, I entered a few small, local contests and had a couple of poems and short stories appear in the newspaper. (Which is not as impressive as it sounds, given the small audience it reaches!)

    How about you? :)

    1. I'm so glad you are enjoying these posts! I appreciate you guys so much, and I'm so grateful to be able to pass the time with you.
      It was my understanding that you did quite well last year, Tracey. ;)
      I entered the last two Rooglewood contests (one story in the Beauty and the Beast, and three stories in the Sleeping Beauty). Before that, I entered some other small conservative magazine contests. But my success is that I keep getting better at it -- not that I've won yet. Thank you for asking!

    2. Awww, that's sweet of you to remember! Making it to the top ten was pretty surreal. ;)

      Wow, THREE entries for Spindles! That's impressive. I was hard pressed to finish one entry for that one. XD Improvement is most definitely a success. Isn't it encouraging to look back and see growth?

    3. Indeed it is a beautiful thing to know you are actually improving. :D

      Of course, I remember, Tracey!!!

  3. There's this contest every year for something called Clubhouse Magazine (connected to Adventures in Odyssey, a Christian radio show). I entered twice, but didn't get in. It was fun, though--the feeling of excitement I got when I handed it in was amazing. It was the first time I felt like I could really get something published. And yes, I'm glad I entered, even though I didn't get in.

    This time, though, I feel twice as excited and nervous as I did those times! THE SUSPENSE!

    1. Grace, that is great! And I'm with you -- so excited and full of suspense this year!

  4. I have entered one other contest besides the Roogle Wood Press ones. It cost money, but I got feedback that was really helpful.

    1. All of the contests have been helpful to me, and it's multiplied exponentially when they give you feedback!

  5. I haven't entered many big contests like this Rooglewood one before, but I have submitted my work (mostly flash fiction) to multiple places. Actually, one of my pieces was just acquired by Splickety Magazine for the March issue of their magazine, and I'm so excited! It will be the first time my work's ever been published :D.

    ~ Savannah | Scattered Scribblings

    1. Ooooh! Congratulations, published author!!! I'm so excited for you! Keep up the good work!!!

    2. @Savannah: REALLY? YOU'RE GETTING PUBLISHED IN SPLICKETY? Ahhhh, congrats, girl! *hauls out confetti cannon*


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