Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Villain Takes Over

    How did my villain become who he is?  I felt like I needed to know.  I followed his story back to the beginning, which was, I found, a few years before his birth.
    Pretty soon, I became fascinated with him.  He has qualities that I absolutely love about him, and many of his flaws I can relate to.  It is just that both his qualities and his flaws have been twisted to a point of creating evil.  As I have said in an earlier post, time and again he has been given opportunities to turn to good things, and he instead chose the wrong.  By the time the story of BB starts, he is a very bad man with little to like about him.
     With my fingers flying across my keyboard, I traced the story of how his mother became queen.  I followed my villain as a little boy, watching scenes from his life.  This was all very interesting and the flashbacks began to be incorporated into my current tale.
     And suddenly I villain was taking over my story.  There was too much of him and too little of anybody else.  He is NOT my main character, and if I want to talk about him this much I simply need to write him his own story.  But he is not allowed to take over this one.

     "Bad villain!" (author scolding her character)
Well, yeah, duh...

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