Monday, June 16, 2014

Plot Bunny #5: River of Time

      The River of Time

Back Cover:

     "Amelia stared wonderingly at the river.  Her soul filled with the poetry of it.  And in every direction she looked, there was not a sign of man.  There was nothing to indicate the progress of the 21st century.  Amelia suddenly felt suspended in time.  The branches overhanging the river could have belonged to any period of history…"

     Amelia and her brother are excited to embark on their first canoe trip.  But there is something unusual about their canoe, and the simple ride down the river turns into something of historical proportions, carrying them through 5 centuries.  Join Amelia and Luke as they journey down the River of Time!
james river richmond virginia
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  1. I took my first canoe trip on the river this spring and it was amazing. That was my inspiration for this plot bunny. :) Glad you liked it!