Monday, June 2, 2014

Plot Bunny #1: The Forgotten Prince

     The Forgotten Prince

Back Cover:
      What happens when you spend your life wishing you were someone you were not?  Born under the shadow of his perfect older brother and raised by a woman who was willing to do anything for greatness and power, Newel struggles with the expectations placed on him.  Will he discover what he was meant to be?  Or will he succumb to hatred and shame?  Newel must make his choices to become a hero…or a villain.


  1. Intriguing concept! I can't wait to read the first scene!

  2. My regular readers will recognize this plot bunny as it first began distracting me about a month ago. I think it still counts for this event because I have not started drafting a book on it and I never, ever plan to right this book about Newel. This was just an exercise to help me better understand how a character came to be in my WIP (work in progress -- a term I learned from Anne-girl). However, IF I were to write a book on Newel, the above might be the title and description...IF!