Saturday, June 7, 2014

BB Villain series to Finish in July

     Greetings, all!  There are five more posts that I wanted to do in my BB Villain series, but, at the moment, I am planning to postpone that until July.  I apologize if this inconviences anybody, but please check back in July for it.  And, in the meantime, enjoy the special event material of this month.
     June looks like it will be very full of Anne-girl's Plot Bunny Challenge.  Plus, Beautiful People starts this month, too (although I may wait until next month to join).  This is why I am saving the rest of my BB Villain posts for July.  There will be so many things to enjoy that I fear the villain would feel terribly crowded (and, as you know, he hates crowds).
      As I am required to post 8 plot bunnies, my goal is to present 2 bunnies per week.  Enjoy!

Plot bunnies...argh.
(stolen from Rachel Heffington's blog)

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