Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Forgotten Prince: Interview on Anne-girl's Blog

Dear Readers,
     My first plot bunny has been interviewed on Anne-girl's blog.  Here are the questions she sent me:

Describe the normal footwear in your book.
What is the first conflict you introduce?
Describe the Protagonist's bedroom
Give your four most important characters superpowers
What language(s) do the characters speak?
Create a family, the people next door, the antagonists family, the royal family it doesn't matter. Just make them up. Minimum of three people. Make them interesting.
What would happen if you were starting the story five years before you actually are?
What can readers expect from your bunny?
What would the protagonist of your WIP think of the protagonist of this bunny?
If the protagonist were into naming inanimate objects what would he name and what would he name it?
     And, if you would like to learn my responses, please go to Anne-girl's post here.  Enjoy!

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