Thursday, June 12, 2014

Too Much Excitement; Not Enough Action

     I am sharing words of wisdom from my dog this morning.  He is nearly exploding from the need to do something.  All morning, there has been a great deal of commotion in front of our house.  Honking, beeping, thumping, banging, scraping...people moving, machine digging and dumping, cars moving slowly.  He's never seen a construction crew like this at work before.  He wants desperately to do something about their presence, but I insist that he stay indoors and reduce his barking to a minimum.  He feels keyed up by the outdoor activities but restricted in his own release of that energy.

    I thought that this might apply to books as well.  It is perhaps my own perception, but it seems to me that sometimes an author can pour so much internal conflict into a story that it is a tremendous relief to have some actual action.  As a reader, I appreciate that outlet as much as my dog does.

How about you?  Have you ever seen a story with too much excitement and not enough action?

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