Monday, August 18, 2014

Announcement: Annegirl to Start a New Blog: Half-Baked

     Most of you have heard me mention Anne-girl before.  I follow her blog (  She is one of the bloggers whom I feel has helped me to improve my writing, and, since I like her writing style, I trust her advice when it is given.
     I am pleased to announce that she is starting a new blog, especially designed to help aspiring authors to write better stories.  Here is what she says about it:

"Half Baked is a blog dedicated to the art of writing and exploring what goes into a solid story. The blog operates on the principal that most stories are like cake, delicious and scrumptious and all the other cake words that are out there. But just like cake, a story can come out gooey and shaky in the middle, half baked. This blog is meant to help turn awesome ideas into solid, fully baked novels. Stop by on September first to join in the release party. There will be contests and a giveaway and of course virtual cake."

     I am particularly excited about this and have high hopes for the things I may learn.  I hope you join me in checking it out when it opens on September 1st!

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