Friday, August 22, 2014

Some Blogs I Follow

Baby Ducks Fall in Line by Blue Eyes and Bluebonnets on Flickr. "Baby ducks heading for the pond. We had to stop traffic both ways on a busy street so they could cross to the pond."
Cute baby ducks
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          Today seemed like a good day to talk about some of the blogs that I follow.  I don't have a lot of time so I am not going to be wordy about it, but I wanted to share these with you.  Enjoy!

Here are some of the blogs that I follow:

Rachel Heffington @ theinkpenauthoress (
Some words to describe: wit, charm, banter, Brits, vintage, occasional nonsense.

The Penslayer
Jenny Freitag @ The Penslayer (
Some words to describe: deep, powerful, dedicated, passionate, fearless, occasionally dark.

Anne-girl @ Scribblings of My Pen Tappings of My Keyboard (
Some words to describe: adventure, courage, wisdom, challenging, action, showing.

Joy @ Fullness of Joy (
Some words to describe: sweet, beautiful, encouraging, inspiring, homey.

Aino @ Dancing with God (
Some words to describe: I just love the way she writes, the way her brain works, and the way she is not afraid to speak out.

Go Teen Writers
Go Teen Writers (
Each post has advice, encouragement, and challenges for writers for every stage of writing (from your first concept through writing and editing, marketing and publishing, and on).

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  1. It was so sweet that you included me in the list of blogs that you follow and like, Esther. Thanks for that!

    Lots of love,
    Joy <3